Homer Simpson Predicts Time Travel

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?


11 Responses to “Homer Simpson Predicts Time Travel”

  1. erp Says:

    According to Woody Allen, it’s hot fudge that will cure disease in the future. Now we can go back in the past with donuts. It’s just the present that we need to eat broccoli. You see the problem.

  2. California Mafia Says:

    Great Scott!

    and it doesn’t even require a flux capacitor. Actually, it requires something even cooler – a gravitational doughnut, mmmmm, doughnuts…

  3. CharlieDontSurf Says:


  4. JD Says:

    Does that mean physics students will have to calculate the difference in event horizons between a sugar donut and an old-fashioned?


  5. Ed Driscoll Says:


    If it’s one of these old-fashioneds, you can even skip the donut (at least until breakfast).

  6. lito Says:

    In Sleeper, Woody Allen also showed us that in the future, tobacco will be recognized as one of the healthiest substances known.

  7. Dave Says:

    Hmm… sounds kinda tesseract-y to me.

  8. Honus Says:

    Sneakiest Dr Who reference ever:

    “Unfortunately for eager time lords, physicists have never seen anything like this.”

  9. rbj Says:

    But what about eclairs?

  10. Zsa Zsa Says:

    WILLisms.com sent me over!… I like your bartending menu!…Thanks for having me!

  11. Ed Driscoll.com Says:

    Pig Soooooie!

    Shades of the Muppets’ old “Pigs In Space” routine! Here’s a headline and story you don’t see everyday:China to send pig semen into space By Daniel Brillman Jul. 17, 2005 at 7:39PM Jul. 17 (UPI)

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