Before The Storm

The “it’s all Bush’s fault” meme has obviously taken hold in the land of the moonbats. I can only chuckle wryly in anticipation of the hoops they’ll have to jump through to explain away this:

Gov. Kathleen Blanco, standing beside the mayor at a news conference, said President Bush called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying city, which is prone to flooding.

That’s an AP story from August 28, the day before Katrina made landfall.

Wait, I’ve got it already. Bush waited too long to convince the governor and mayor to order an evacuation that they would have ordered sooner if they hadn’t been waiting for the call from Bush. Oh, and Bush told them not to bother making any other preparations, because he’d handle it all five minutes after the winds got under 100 miles an hour. And then the trap was set!

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Turning off the snark, the end of the article is flat heartbreaking:

In a neighborhood in central city, a group of residents sat on a porch. It was almost a party atmosphere.

“We’re not evacuating,” said Julie Paul, 57. “None of us have any place to go. We’re counting on the Superdome. That’s our lifesaver.”

She said they’d spent the last couple of hurricanes there. They would wait for a friend who has a van to take them, because none has cars.

At a nearby gas station, Linda Young, 37, was tanking up her car.

“I’m really scared. I’ve been through hurricanes, but this one scares me. I think everybody needs to get out,” she said.

She said they planned to leave Saturday but couldn’t get gas, and didn’t want to go without it, so got up early and got in a gas line.

In the suburbs, evacuations were under way.

“That sun is shining too bright for this to be happening,” said Joyce Tillis, manager of the Holiday Inn Select at the airport in the suburbs as she called the more than 140 guests to tell them the hotel was under a mandatory evacuation. “It’s too nice a day.”

Tillis lives inside the flood zone in the community of Avondale. She said she called her three daughters and told them to get out. “If I’m stuck, I’m stuck,” Tillis said. “I’d rather save my second generation if I can.”

Hat-tip to K-Lo at NRO.


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  1. RightNumberOne Says:


    You should really link to the radio interview “Mayor Moron” gave today.

    It’s incredible:

    “Now, I will tell you this — and I give the president some credit on this — he sent one John Wayne dude down here that can get some stuff done, and his name is [Lt.] Gen. [Russel] Honore. And he came off the doggone chopper, and he started cussing and people started moving.”

    When’s the last time you heard the mayor of a major American city say: “John Wayne dude.”

    More of Mayor Moron: “And he’s getting some stuff done. They ought to give that guy — if they don’t want to give it to me, give him full authority to get the job done, and we can save some people.”

    That’s what counts for leadership in New Orleans.

    Think about Rudy Guiliani. Did you ever hear him say that some “John Wayne dude” sent from Washington should take control in New York?

    Mayor Moron continues: “I don’t know whose problem it is. I don’t know whether it’s the governor’s problem. I don’t know whether it’s the president’s problem, but somebody needs to get their ass on a plane and sit down, the two of them, and figure this out right now.”

    It’s everyone ELSE’s problem. But it’s not Mayor Moron’s problem, it seems.

  2. S.M. Dixon Says:

    Bush made a phone call where he requested a mandatory evacuation, the governor and mayor thought that was a good idea and issued the order, and you think that magically excuses his criminal negligence?

    One phone call excuses him for underfunding SELA? For appointing business executives with no experience in disaster management or relief to head FEMA — whose funding was then gutted? For sending roughly half of the National Guard to an unnecessary war in Iraq?

    Why don’t you use a more complicated defense, like “He’s innocent just because. So there!”

    If this story is the best the Radical Right can come up with, your president is utterly doomed in the court of public opinion.

  3. Bill Arnold Says:

    RightNumberOne, the scale of disaster in NY after 9/11 and New Orleans now are not comparable. Only a small piece of (the surface area of) New York was destroyed. Infrastructure was basically intact, including communications, transportation, electricity. The current New Orleans mayor is doing what he can with what he has, i.e. not enough, with nothing. [I do fault him on disaster preparedness and on declaring the evacuation a day late.]

    Here’s the link, if anyone is curious.
    [audio src="" /]

  4. wf Says:

    I don

  5. David March Says:

    To the loons that are criticizing the Bush administration for not using Helicopters for all evacuations:

    You should find out just how expensive helicopters are to purchase, maintain, crew, and fuel, before you shoot off your mouths. There aren’t enough helicoptors to do all the evacuations and freight-hauling and people-hauling that need to be done.

    There are several fallacies that govern American culture. At least two are central to maintaining the entrenched dependent-mentality: 1) The only reason poor people are poor is because RICH people are hoarding all the wealth. 2) Anything bad that happens is SOMEBODY’s fault.

    These ideas lead people to believe that ANYTHING they think of as a solution should be tried, no matter how extravagant or wasteful, because only selfish rich bastards could possibly object to the expense. They also lead people to begin a witchhunt for someone to blame as soon as any catastrophe looms. Of course, short-circuited logic like this will fix on the convenient list of “usual suspects.” For the Democrats and so-called progressive liberals, this means Bush will be blamed for anything bad that happens, anywhere, anytime.

    It’s really an extension of the animist-shaman belief system in which every disease is thought to result from the curse of an enemy. To cure the disease, all you have to do is identify and kill the enemy.

    Naturally, it’s a LOT easier if you already have identified your enemy…

  6. RightNumberOne Says:


    I expected more from the trolls.

    Leadership is NOT leading people into the Convention Center where there is no water, or food, or shelter.

    The mayor of New Orleans should be run out of town on a rail.

    He is a MORON who has no business being entrusted with the lives of any human beings.

    His leadership style seems to be to go on radio and bitch about how nobody is doing his JOB FOR HIM.

    If you’ve lived in Louisiana for any length of time, that refrain sounds pretty familiar.

    You can’t let Democrats RUN THINGS. This is the inevitable result.

    I DARE YOU to listen to his radio interview and argue with me.


  7. Michael Farris Says:

    Responsibility flows upward, at least that’s the preferred state of affairs. This means that any president is going to get lots of criticism that they don’t necessarily deserve. Like the guy said, if you can’t take the heat ….

    If there is legitimate grounds for criticism (I haven’t researched it so FYI only) Kevin Drum’s post on downsizing/privitization and questionable appointments to FEMA might be a good place to start.

  8. GZ Expat, Part II Says:

    Mayor Moron of NOLA

    Vodkapundit has a story about Bush personally appealing to the Governor and Mayor to evacuate the city ahead of Katrina… …but the best part are the comments below the post! You should really link to the radio interview Mayor Moron gave today.It’s i…

  9. amendo Says:

    You Americans have elected this brilliant president who has sent most of your relief-tools to Iraq where your boys and Iraqi civilians are dying in the Big-Oil-war.

    It is understandable that Bush doesn’t really care about New Orleans.

    The hurricane makes the oil-prices and profits surge – the rest of the world’s matters were always secondary to the Halliburton administration.

    It was (and is!) your American choice. You are wasting your resources. And, BTW, you are quite active in fucking up the world’s ecosystem which will cause even more and worse hurricans in the future.

    So either start a civil uprising against Bush – or stop whining and learn to die without being so pathetic!

  10. holdfast Says:

    amendo – Arianna, is that you? The moonbat “logic” and the broken “English” are dead giveaways. You know, this kind of whining almost convinces me that guys like Pat Buchanan are right – America needs to disengage from the world because the rest of the world sucks. Bring the troops home, build “Fortress America” (can always annex Venezuala and Alberta for the oil) and just ignore the world.

    And no, I don’t really beleive that, but more and more people will if the rest of the world doesn’t stop using the US as its rhetorical punching bag. It’s gotten to the point where EVERYTHING is the fault of American action or inaction.

  11. Ted B. Says:

    History will point the well-deserved finger of Blame squarely at the Mayor of New Orleans;

    a. He failed in implement his own city’s emergency preparedness plan.

    b. He left hundreds of city-owned busses to drown, rather than use them to evacuate low-lying neighborhoods to either safe-shelter or out the storm’s path. And those same busses were not safe-guarded to be used for subsequent evacuations after the storm passed.

    c. He failed to stock and prepare the very storm-shelters that he then directed his people to use…creating a death-trap sitaution.

    d. He failed to issue shoot-on-sight orders for any looters on non-essential survival items.

    And Gov. Blanco also failed to follow the state’s own emergency-preparedness plan, and failed to mobilize the hundreds of school busses that she had control over through the La. Dept. of Education.

    This was not a failure to plan, nor was this a “surprise, unforseeable event”. A direct hit on NOLA has been discussed almost every time a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico…for years.

    I have no doubt that there will be many instances recvealed in the subsequent Congressional Hearings on how the Corps, FEMA and Homeland Security shoud have spotted the short-comings of local preparedness; and their own lack of imagiunatin to war-game this through fully and act on the conculsions. But Civil Defense and Emergency Preparedness are “local issues” that shoudl be dealt with at the local-level, with back-up provided by the resources of the Federal government and the Military. The Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana had and have still the principal responibility for the bungled preparations and the inept follow-through.

  12. dave Says:

    blame rests on bush, too, guys. i’m so tired of this ‘moonbat this’ and ‘wingnut that’.

    blame indeed rests at the feet of the mayor. the govenror. AND, vodkapundit, the white house.

    wake up, guys. the evidence is on video, placed nicely at some websites for people to watch themselves, from the bumbling mike brown of fema who apparently doesn’t get cable on nightline, to the crying geraldo rivera and near hysterical shepard smith of fox. go see it yourselves at

    you watch. then you decide if it’s premature to circle the wagons around your president, your mayor, or your governor.

    i’m more of a wingnut than a moonbat. but right now i’m more than ashamed at all of these people, including the president. pathetic.

    political opportunism or protection is sickening, and vodka, you should be ashamed you’re jumping in the game.

  13. Robin Roberts Says:

    Dave, you are blaming the second and third tiers of relief for the failures of the first tier. New Orleans city government’s incompetence and collapse and Louisiana’s state government.

    But don’t let facts slow you down.

  14. American Mother Says:

    Some of you will take this as “blame the victim”, but what of the idea of personal responsibility? How many of these people “left behind” had set in food,water and supplies for 3-5 days? Prepared an emergency kit for themselves? This is not a new idea–my mother drilled it into my head when I was a kid in Florida in the 60’s. My own family was well-prepared for Hurricane Opal in Montgomery (which was still a hurricane when she hit us at 100-plus mph.) We are prepared for the ice storms which occasionally throw us back into Iron Age conditions. We keep sharp for tornadic conditions around here. We knew to have our grab bags ready to go by Sunday night–in anticipation of tornadoes spawned by feeder bands by Katrina-and indeed had a (thankfully small) twister touch down a mile from our house on Monday.

    For years the Red Cross has had materials available detailing Family Emergency Plans, and FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security has “suggested” people prepare themselves.

    No one in this country is “too poor” to put together a small store of food and water for an emergency. A gallon of water is less than a dollar, peanut butter is cheap, and crackers are cheap-even a box of cereal can last a while.

  15. wf Says:

    dave, a crying Geraldo Rivera is “evidence”? For what?

  16. shannon Says:

    Lots of people in this country are too poor to feed themselves or their families on a daily basis, let alone save food. Just because no one you know struggles like that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  17. Pirates! Man Your Women! Says:

    Excuses Excuses…

    Thanks to VodkaPundit for this ammunition.The "…

  18. American Mother Says:

    Give it a break, Shannon–I have been homeless and have had to use foodstamps. Been there, done that.

  19. Pat Says:

    Ted B said it better than I could have.

    Just saw “Mr. Useless, the Mayor” on Fox, waxing eloquent on what he TOLD Bush needed to be done. I hope Bush TOLD him what he needed to have done.

    Earlier Fox broadcasts have shown Mr. Useless wandering aimlessly around the Dome evacuation site, still doing nothing. He should feel thankful the Dome inhabitants didn’t give him a well-deserved lynching.

  20. Scooter Says:

    So many keep saying the mayor of NO and the gov. of LA had no plan or failed to follow the plan. They had a plan and used it. It’s he same plan that so many other cities and states have….Call FEMA/let the feds handle it. Then blame them if they don’t respond quickly enough.

  21. Monica Says:

    No compassion for dying babies here.

    If a disaster happens in the near future in a more prosperous, lighter-complexioned American city–with the incompetents you have put at the helm of Homeland Security and FEMA, y’all will be swimming in deep sewage too.

    The greed, money worship, intolerance, self-righteousness and just-plain-evil on the right is as scary as it was when it bloomed in Germany decades ago.

    But back then, they were far more competent back than the neo-con jokers that Bush fronts for now.

  22. Not A Desperate Housewife Says:

    Hey Leftards!!

    Would someone please send a memo to the idiots in the DNC about reading this piece!!!! Make sure you bookmark this newstory, it wil…

  23. Scooer Says:


    Yes we do have compassion for dying babies and thier mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents…
    We are pledging, donating, praying and helping in everyway we can.

    What we are tired of is getting kicked in he face with “it’s not enough” “you’re a racist” “if it happened to white people you’d be faster, more generous”. We’re tired of nothing ever being good enough. We’re tired of being made to feel guilty for something that happened 200 years ago that we had nothing to do with and did not benefit from.

    I grew up poor in the south and nobody helped me. When help for poor people was available it was for the poorest of the poor. Count me out for a $1.25 an hour in a sewing facory. I really wanted to go to college. So, I had a choice; stay wih the $1.25 an hour or get off my butt and find a way out. I served six years in the Air Force. It was hard. When I got out I used the GI Bill and worked part time. I am not the only one. Many of my friends in the Air Force were in the same boat as I was..poor and struggling. We were black, we were white, we were hispanic and we were damned if we were going to be kept back any longer. Oh yea, and we are women.

    Now, it seems more and more people want someone else to do the hard work for them. That “you owe me” attitude is getting harder and harder to bear quietly.

    Pardon my rant, but, sometimes it can’t be contained.

  24. werner Says:

    Troops with “instructions to shoot black people”, Monica?
    Are your sure you can handle all that compassion of yours?

    I live an hours drive away from the nearest concentration camp site/memorial and I find your comparison with Nazi Germany utterly bizarre.

  25. The J Man Says:

    An major American city is burning because government failed PERIOD. I’m talking local, state and FEDERAL. You mean to tell me that four years after 9/11 the federal government has no plan to move troops into an area quickly or to do a mass evacuation of civilians? Whose responsibility is it to protect American lives if local and state can’t or won’t? This is why we have a federal republic and not the confederate states of america. Whether you’re a survivalist with a year’s worth of rations and ammo or a clueless urbanite who doesn’t know how to make coffee, it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t excuse the government’s responsibility to protect and serve its people. A stupid phone call from one stupid politician to another stupid one just doesn’t cut it.

  26. richard mcenroe Says:

    The J Man

  27. Robin Roberts Says:

    Monica, you really are almost amusing. It took a phone call from the President to get the Louisiana governor and the New Orleans mayor off their asses and ordering evacuation.

    J Man, you start off claiming that it was a local, state and Federal failure but then only condemn the federal government. Grow up. It was the New Orleans government job to plan the evacuation of their city. Their plan included the assumption that evacuation would take 72 hours to accomplish – their mayor wasted more than 48 of those hours dithering.

    And your understanding of the federal system is hilariously wrong. The Federal government hasn’t the authority to supplant local government.

  28. bob Says:

    Just heard that Rehnquist passed away. But sorry…as much as some of you might like it to knock New Orleans off the front page so you can all start yammering about the best medieval candidate out there…dead bodies don’t go away so fast. What’s that sound? Why it’s mainstream America cashing out.

  29. Rick Says:

    I have to say I am constantly amazed by the dialog around this disaster. It was VERY obvious that the state and local government had no plans or failed to execute on the plans they had. Then they went into shock and waited for the federal government to come in to save the day and make it right. And, unfortunately, the federal government didn’t move fast enough to make up for the local government’s complete lack of action. The mere fact that they sent people to the convention center and the superdome and had absolutely NO plan for what to do with them once they were there — heads should roll for just that.

    Would they have evacuated the city had the President not called? I hope they would have. Or this really would have been a disaster beyond belief.

  30. Roger Says:

    Together we live, divided we fall. Words so adherent for truth in a new generation. If God is with us, who can be against us. We are not God, but a creation of an eternal loving father. He gave us over 500 witnesses of his work in us. Look up Simon Greenleaf (one of the all time scholars of Harvard University).
    There will always be people who will pull us apart through works of selfishness, jealousy, rage, and enmity. The good works of our eternal savior Jesus Christ is a free gift. Grace is free. Come to Jesus and learn of HIS love for HIS creation.

  31. Roger Says:

    What is truth?
    I have voiced a deep frustration. I have noticed a disinterest of friends when it comes to entertaining thoughts of God. My friends and acquaintances have no particular complaint against God, but also no NEED or interest whatsoever. I cannot understand the mind that has no need to know if God exists, what it means if Christ really is who He says He is, or whether any of it is even true or not true in the first place.
    Here in lies the heart of my complaint. The greatest pursuit in life should be for what is true. It is upsetting, indeed staggering, to see so many give up the quest of truth for a lesser pursuit. Blaise Pascal and C.S. Lewis agreed. Pascal, was deeply frustrated by the human tendency to flat out avoid the truth, especially when it challenges our will or sense of comfort. Lewis was bothered by the difference between humans and animals. What makes a man human is his desire to know things, to ask, to examine, and to understand. When a person loses this desire, it is as if he has become something less than human.
    Indeed, there comes a certain responsibility to being human. There are great and far-reaching questions we all must answer, questions we can wholly choose to ignore, but in so doing we must realize that even

  32. Dan Says:

    So many keep saying the mayor of NO and the gov. of LA had no plan or failed to follow the plan. They had a plan and used it.

    No, actually, they didn’t. The plan called for a 72-hour advance evacuation; the evacuation was called 48 hours in advance, and only got called *then* because Bush begged the Mayor to do it. The plan called for the Superdome to be well-stocked with supplies and sanitation facilities; this, too, was not done. The plan called for steps to be taken to assure that those people without cars could get out of the city. This, once again, was not done.

    You are correct that it is FEMA’s job to manage the disaster after it happens. But it is the job of the city and the state to get people to safety BEFORE disaster strikes. The state and city officials utterly failed in their duty to their people.

  33. Svigor Says:

    Lots of people in this country are too poor to feed themselves or their families on a daily basis, let alone save food. Just because no one you know struggles like that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


  34. Sandy P Says:

    I want to come to a country where the poor people are fat.

  35. Sandy P Says:

    Via Instapundit:

    Buried at the end of the WaPo’s critical article on FEMA’s decline is this crucial paragraph:

    Other federal and state officials pointed to Louisiana’s failure to measure up to national disaster response standards, noting that the federal plan advises state and local emergency managers not to expect federal aid for 72 to 96 hours, and base their own preparedness efforts on the need to be self-sufficient for at least that period. “Fundamentally the first breakdown occurred at the local level,” said one state official who works with FEMA. ‘Did the city have the situational awareness of what was going on within its borders? The answer was no.”

    IL gets tornados. The Gulf gets hurricanes.

    We are reminded at the beginning of every tornado season what to do.

    They are reminded at the beginning of every hurricane season what to do.

    LA has a multi-state pact to help or ask for help. She did not.

  36. kevino Says:

    SandyP (and others):
    You are correct. FEMA asks individuals who can to have 72 hours wworth of food and water. The deal is that for the first 72 hours, you are on your own. Fine. I’ve done that.

    That is the benchmark. I expect the calvary to arrive to give me instructions in 72 hours. If you live in this area, you are supposed to go here. If you can’t or you know someone who can’t, this is what you do.

    First of all, most of the people in NO itself didn’t get help anywhere near 72 hours. They had no help. Someone earlier asked, “What’s the benchmark?” Well, we air-dropped supplies to tsunami victims after about 48 hours. We have a rapid-deployment force able to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world in 12-24 hours.

    NO is a special case because of the large number of poor people. FEMA cannot expect these people to have any surplus supplies. Particularly in the concentrated areas like the Superdome and the Convention Center, they need immediate supplies. They didn’t get it. Look at the helicopters taking in food and water. That should have been done days earlier.

    NO is also a special case for crime and local government. FEMA should have known this and acted accordingly. Yes, the mayor was an idiot to ask people to go to the convention center and not get supplies there. However, he doesn’t have any supplies, FEMA and the military do. They should see the need and go for it. When a disaster or terrorist act occurs and FEMA knows that crime is going to be a problem, they must act. I heard the director of Homeland Security on CSPAN say that the 82nd airborne and the 1st air cavalry were deployed. Great. Now tell me why those resources weren’t brought to bear 48 hours or so earlier.

    Whose to blame? You may think that it’s unfair, but the major failure is the Federal government. They have the resources — particularly airborne resources. The general who took command on the ground gets the credit. He got things moving minutes after he arrived. Who gets the blame? The Commander in Chief.

    This is difficult for me to say, because I supported him, and I think that the modern Democratic Party is less than useless. However, I have come to the conclusion, that President Bush’s failure in leadership has probably resulted in useless suffering and death in New Orleans. He’s in charge; he gets the blame.

  37. Sandy P Says:

    The pres cannot deploy w/o the governor’s approval. Posse Comitatus Act 1878.

    Blanco refused to give authority to the feds because if something went wrong, she could be blamed. (WaPo article). and yes, we can get underway w/in 24 hours, how long does it take to get there?

    I read on another blog, IIRC, that in nautical miles, Europe is closer than LA. Is this true?

    –Particularly in the concentrated areas like the Superdome and the Convention Center, they need immediate supplies. They didn’t get it. Look at the helicopters taking in food and water. That should have been done days earlier.–

    Like before the hurricane hit? What is the mayor’s responsibility?

    Why didn’t he follow the plan? Why wasn’t the Superdome stocked?

    Every year they’re warned that hurricane season is coming and one needs supplies.

    She asked for aid in her letter of 8/28, but — Gov. Kathleen Blanco, standing beside the mayor at a news conference, said President Bush called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying city, which is prone to flooding….

  38. Sandy P Says:

    Via Instapundit a reader responds:

    Buried at the end of the WaPo’s critical article on FEMA’s decline is this crucial paragraph:

    Other federal and state officials pointed to Louisiana’s failure to measure up to national disaster response standards, noting that the federal plan advises state and local emergency managers not to expect federal aid for 72 to 96 hours, and base their own preparedness efforts on the need to be self-sufficient for at least that period. “Fundamentally the first breakdown occurred at the local level,” said one state official who works with FEMA. ‘Did the city have the situational awareness of what was going on within its borders? The answer was no.”

    Measuring from the passage of the storm from the target area — say 1500 hours on Monday, THE PLAN would therefore expect federal aid at the earliest at midday Thursday.

    Does this excuse any bureaucratic errors that we will find to have been made? No. But it should put the federal response in perspective.

    Oh, and all the blithe comments on how quickly we were able to get troops to Iraq and the Navy to Sumatra shows a short-term memory loss. The buildup for Iraq took place over a period of months, and the Navy’s trip from Asian bases to the Indian Ocean, unimpeded by crumbled infrastructure, took a number of days.

  39. Sandy P Says:

    FEMA wanted control, W asked for control, Blanco rejected it according to the WaPo article.

    Instapundit says this:

    ANOTHER UPDATE: This story from the Washington Post suggests problems with coordination between state and federal authorities:

    Louisiana did not reach out to a multi-state mutual aid compact for assistance until Wednesday, three state and federal officials said. As of Saturday, Blanco still had not declared a state of emergency, the senior Bush official said. . . .

    Blanco made two moves Saturday that protected her independence from the federal government: She created a philanthropic fund for the state’s victims and hired James Lee Witt, Federal Emergency Management Agency director in the Clinton administration, to advise her on the relief effort.

    I’m all for federalism, but this doesn’t seem like the time for that sort of thing. I’m not clear on what legal authority the President has to simply take charge over a governor’s objections; I’m not aware of that problem coming up before. Presumably Congress could — subject to some fairly limited Constitutional constraints — address this via legislation if necessary, though it’s probably too late for that to do much good now.

    But the head of FEMA’s an idiot. Hopefully at least 1 head will roll.

  40. richard mcenroe Says:


  41. richard mcenroe Says:

    Go here.

    The man is an Iraq vet and an experienced officer in the Florida Guard with a LOT of hurrican experience. Read him.

  42. holdfast Says:

    Informative video of a Nagin interview of MSNBC.

    How on earth can you tell tens of thousands of people to go to a place and then not have food, sanitation, medicine and security for them when they get there?

    How, in a town that is predominantly black with a high poverty rate, can the mayor(who is himself black and is a “local boy made good” from a poor neighborhood) order a “mandatory” evacuation of his city and then not provide poor and elderly with a means of actually evacuating (like using his 300+ transit busses and the 200+ school buses we’ve seen in satellite pics)? That is a lift capacity of 30,000 people (more if you cram in a bit).

    What does it say about the administration of a city when the cops seem to loot, desert or kill themselves in the face of a crisis?

    FEMA needs to take this as a lesson and look long and hard at the various Dem-dominated cities in America (Washinton, Detroit and LA spring to mind) and had better base their planning on an assumption that the leadership of these cities is totally incompetent and will be worse than useless in a crisis, ’cause if they don’t they will be blamed again (at least that is the message that Mayor Nagin is sending loud and clear). Of course, at least LA is in a state with a competent governor, which should mitigate the situation somewhat. New York is the opposite – OK mayor, useless governor.

  43. Sharpshooter Says:

    Apparently, she delayed until the last day in ordering a mandatory evacuation, even though the federal government (including President Bush) urged her to do it sooner. And apparently she delayed even longer in asking for federal help (through the National Guard and MPs) to restore law and order. Contrary to lamestream media propaganda, the federal government simply cannot do this on its own. See Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

  44. Sharpshooter Says:

    If this story is the best the Radical Right can come up with, your president is utterly doomed in the court of public opinion.

    Posted by S.M. Dixon at September 2, 2005 07:01 PM


    People, except the left, are lost past seeing through the lefts childish excuses and desires for Santa Claus. GROW UP!!

  45. Sharpshooter Says:

    You mean to tell me that four years after 9/11 the federal government has no plan to move troops into an area quickly or to do a mass evacuation of civilians?

    Do you meqan to tell me that you comprehend even slightly what it takes to do a large scale mobilization?

    I guess they don’t teach such things in public schools, do they?

  46. Sharpshooter Says:

    An major American city is burning because government failed PERIOD.

    No, it’s burning because the welfare-state mentality has created a sub-culture of goons and thugs. Guess who inculcaed THAT mentality.

  47. Redman Says:

    The day or two that the poor people of NO had to wait for help will become more and more insignificant as the months go by and we all realize that NO, as we knew it, is gone forever.

  48. Bostonian Says:

    The drowned buses say it all for me.

    The people with the authority to use them did not do so. How many people would they have saved? How much suffering would they have prevented?

    How about that, Dave, Monica?

  49. richard mcenroe Says:

    We’re okay now, folks! Sean Penn is on the scene!

  50. jennifer Says:

    Did someone really just say that the sufferring of thousands of Americans is less important than the nostalgia of a city?

  51. SPQR Says:

    Sharpshooter, yes people are both that ignorant and that insane from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

  52. Monica Says:

    I can’t really stomach debating with some of these types here, but sheesh, let’s pass the buck willya?

    Sure the mayor could have done more, amd the governor, but the buck stops with FEMA, the agency in charge of emergency management, and the HNIC, the President. That’s why he’s the leader. . . to lead.

    What the heck happened to y’all’s great war President who was going to be so strong and competent in the face of crisis and disaster?

    Did his evil twin steal his body and take over?

    Lots of folks, white folks, are helping however they can. These people’s contributions and efforts cannot be discounted. They are working to help people, any and all people, regardless of race.

    But there is another contingent of white folks. There always is.

    Just like there always are looters, criminals and other bad people that pop up like roaches in any disaster.

    But one thing kills me, white folks talking about what race means or doesn’t mean in a situation, when they don’t have the slightest idea what it is to be black.

    It’s like a man telling a woman that childbirth doesn’t really hurt that much.

    And she should shut up about it.

    Try that on your wives next time, all right?

  53. holdfast Says:

    Monica – why, exactly, are the mayor and the governor given a free pass for f***ing things up but Bush gets beaten about the head and shoulders for not pulling their chestnuts out of the fire fast enough? You clearly have no idea how FEMA, or for that matter, federalism works. For you the federal government is just like a fairy godmother – you wish and it comes true, while the mayor and the governor are just like all the other little children, supplicants sucking at the teat of big government – never responsible for their own actions because big mama fed is always going to be there to catch them when they screw up.

    Well you know what, despite the best efforts of the Dems to infantilize the nation (starting with the inner city poor), it doesn’t work like that. I suppose you could try to amend the constitution to make it so that the states are just administrative regions, like in France, but until that happens, you’re going to have to live with the fact that states, even those as amazingly corrupt and incompetent as Dem-dominated Louisiana, have real and soverign powers.

  54. Monica Says:

    How do you know what I know?

    Nobody said the mayor, etc., should get a free pass. Heads should roll all around.

    The CEO of a corporation doesn’t go around whining that middle management was reponsible for his corporation’s failure and pointing fingers at his secretary.

    Y’all sound like the babies to me. Nothing is ever your man’s fault.

    Sucking at the tit of big government?

    Isn’t the filthy rich, who give money to corrupt Repub politicians and want their payback in the estate tax cut, a free ride from a progressive tax that only affects the 1% wealthiest of the population?

    The tax that will be passed on to the working people and hurt charities? Sheesh. You repubs get more free rides and government tit sucking than poor folk dream about. Pleeze.

    You need to deduct your tax subsidized perks, pay for your luxuries, and puff on your cigar and shut up about poor people and goverment tits, for real.


  55. susan Says:

    Wow, those who having been for the past five years falsely accusing Bush for being a Dictator are now DEMANDING why Bush is not behaving like a Dictator?

    Their Mental Masterbation is astounding…please shoot your wad already this is growing tiresome!

  56. susan Says:


    When you speak of filthy rich people I assume you are referring to Tereza Kerry Heinz, George Soros, Stephen Bing, Peter Lewis, Ted Turner, John Edwards etc, etc, etc.

    What I know Monica is you know nothing.

  57. Monica Says:

    There are plenty of rich (and likely corrupt) Dems, but the Repubs are unprecedented in their gall and greed lately.

    It always interests me how y’all insult and name call to skirt the issue.

    Mental Masturbation? What’s that got to do with anything? Wanting one’s Prez to be competent and appoint competent folk instead of clueless politico cronies is wanting a dictator? Best you can do, huh?

    How about addressing about that Republican tit-sucking, dear? I think they’re drawing blood.

  58. Birt Says:

    Monica – So you want more of a facist type government? I say facist because it’s a word libs like to throw around a lot without having any clue what it means. Kind of means a centralized government with no local control for its subjects, err citizens. Kind of goes against individual freedoms and such, that I know liberals are very concerned about.

  59. Monica Says:

    Nope, I merely want a competent U.S. government with a modicum of integrity that cares about ALL its people, not only the ones who can give large political contributions.

    There are (a few) Republicans like this, and (a few) Democrats too. But the bulk of our politicians are mainly engaged in slutting for money, promising favors for cash. They are pretty much all whores, Dems included, but Bush&Co are incredible slutmonkeys.

    Halliburton has a juicy contract already to start rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

  60. syn Says:

    I hear the NO’s Mayor is sending some of his cabal to Vegas…why not join them an have a hate America party in the company of freinds.

  61. Robin Roberts Says:

    Monica, there is a reason that your comments are useless. And that is that FEMA is not supposed to take responsibility for the initial evacuation nor for the first couple of days. The state and local government are supposed to.

    You are blaming the Federal government for not doing what all the disaster relief planning says they don’t do.

    Then we add in your bizarre invention about Halliburton. Which does not have a contract to “rebuild” the Gulf Coast. This is a clue that you are not able to discuss events with adults. Instead you fill your diaper as a comment. So Monica, you need to grow up. The adults are busy and don’t have time to change your diaper.

  62. stew, guambat stew Says:

    A pox on all their houses.
    posted by Guambat Stew at Monday, September 05, 2005.

  63. Monica Says:

    Name calling and criticizing with rebuttals devoid of facts. Is that all you neo-cons can do? When my stomach can take it and I listen to the pundits, that’s IT. It’s pathetic. Predictable, boring and very dumb.

    Awful though that libs roll over for it. Wusses.

    From AP: A Halliburton Co. subsidiary that has come under fire for its reconstruction work in Iraq has begun tapping a $500 million Navy contract to do emergency repairs at Gulf Coast naval and Marine facilities that were battered by Hurricane Katrina.

    It was also in Forbes

    Assuming you can read at grade point level, of course.
    So tell me how was local government supposed to accomplish moving a hundred thousand people or so?

    Where would they put them? Do you know many local governments with the extra billions laying around to accomplish such a, um, federal feat?

    The local government did open the Superdome and begged for the help they needed to accomplish such a herculean task, help they were assured that was coming immediately–and arrived around about a week later.

    Your flailing around for someone to blame other than the administration is looking particularly lame on this one.

  64. Robin Roberts Says:

    Actually, Monica. It is you who doesn’t have any reading comprehension. The Halliburton contract is not to “start rebuilding the Gulf Coast” as you claimed. But merely some military bases.

    Here’s a freakin’ clue, Monica. That’s what Halliburton does. That’s why they get contracts to do the work. Whining about Halliburton is a rather good clue that you are a nut.

    And evacuating New Orleans has always been New Orleans’ job. It has never been the Federal governments job to take over state or local government, Monica. That’s why they have an evacuation plan – one that they failed to carry out. That’s why they have a police force … a police force that deserted its own citizens in mass. The President had to call the Louisiana Governor and New Orleans mayor to prod them into declaring the evacuation in the first place, Monica.

    Now grow up.

  65. susan Says:

    Ya know Monica I do acknowledge you and I have the same goals, helping to stave off poverty, misery, suffering for all human beings. Americans do not wish to see our neighbors suffer no matter what political stripe or level of wealth.

    However, you and I differ on the means for achieving these goals. I believe self-reliance combined with civic responsibility are solutions which will give our goals a better chance for success. I believe the more responsibility an individual personally assumes, the greater the chances are that less people will be left helpless, poor and suffering. But, because we all know human nature will always suffer from despair and helplessness, we can work together combining our individual assets to assist those who are helpless, poor and suffering. The Government is simply an operational tool used to assist the individual’s goals as they relate to society.

    Politics is a business. Repubs, Dems and every other political fraction including, unfortunately 527’s, deal in the business of obtaining cash for their own causes. Politics basically sell us ways of achieving our individual goals. For example, I believe security an important element to staving off helplessness, therefore I will likely vote for the candidate strongest in defense.

    I believe that the only way to prevent the business of politics from acquiring great wealth and power is to keep wealth distributed in individual hands. The greater the amount of wealth distributed individually, the greater chance that everyone gets served. I believe individual responsibility is a duty, not a right. I’ll vote the candidate who believes in lower taxation, less collective influence over my own personal choices.

    When the business of politics tries to sell me the idea that individuals must rely upon the business of politics as a collective for the greater good in order to exist or, that The Government will save them, I’m not buying. Against my individual goals.

    I love Capitalism.

  66. Monica Says:

    Gosh, are some neo-cons really this dumb? I’ve never really bothered to communicate with y’all before, but I must I’m flabbergasted.

    I knew you were liars and outrageous hypocrites, but I must admit I had no idea you were so stupid too.


    The Bushies were lying like they usually do. You Bush supporters must love to be lied to. You seem not to mind it at all. Do you urge your kids to lie to you for fun? I wonder.

    The Washington Post reported on Sunday morning that a “senior Bush official” had complained that, as of Saturday, the governor of Louisiana–who just happens to be a Democrat–had not yet declared a state of emergency. Gov. Blanco did, in fact, declare a state of emergency. She did it on Aug. 26, when George W. Bush was on vacation. The Post has posted a correction.

    From the same article

    Behind the scenes, a power struggle emerged, as federal officials tried to wrest authority from Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D). Shortly before midnight Friday, the Bush administration sent her a proposed legal memorandum asking her to request a federal takeover of the evacuation of New Orleans, a source within the state’s emergency operations center said Saturday.

    The administration sought unified control over all local police and state National Guard units reporting to the governor. Louisiana officials rejected the request after talks throughout the night, concerned that such a move would be comparable to a federal declaration of martial law. Some officials in the state suspected a political motive behind the request. “Quite frankly, if they’d been able to pull off taking it away from the locals, they then could have blamed everything on the locals,” said the source, who does not have the authority to speak publicly.

  67. Sandy P Says:

    And what does her 8/28 request ask for, Monica?

  68. Sandy P Says:

    And what about 2004 Hurricane Ivan’s lessons?

  69. Sandy P Says:

    In short, she wanted the authority, she’s got it.

  70. Robin Roberts Says:

    Monica, the Aug 26th declaration didn’t permit Federal operations. And Blanco’s Aug 28th request only requested funding.

    You don’t know what you are talking about.

  71. shannon Says:

    Honestly curious…If the Aug 26th declaration didn’t permit Federal operations, what would have?

  72. holdfast Says:


    “The CEO of a corporation doesn’t go around whining that middle management was reponsible for his corporation’s failure and pointing fingers at his secretary.”

    Oh, so now Bush can simply fire the mayor and the governor if they don’t meet his expecataions, ’cause they’re “middle management”? Sh*t, Maonica just made the state of Louisiana un-soverign (time to amend the falg I guess). You really ought to have gone to civics class instead of smoking weed and giving $5 BJs in the school parking lot. And English classes might have been good too, since your attempt at an analogy just fell amazingly flat.

    “The tax that will be passed on to the working people and hurt charities? Sheesh. You repubs get more free rides and government tit sucking than poor folk dream about. Pleeze.”

    How the F*ck is it a free ride to now have to pay a special tax that others don’t have to pay?

    “The local government did open the Superdome and begged for the help they needed to accomplish such a herculean task, help they were assured that was coming immediately–and arrived around about a week later.”

    Wow – they directed everyone into a cesspit (not the smaller schools listed in their so-called plan) and then they begged. Funny, I didn’t see that it New Orleans disaster plan (freely availible on the net). Well, since it was supposed to be the LA National Guard (under the command of “baby” Blanco who brings the immediate relief, I’m not sure why it’s a Bush problem). If you’ve EVER observed disaster relief in Florida or elsewhere you would know that what FEMA brings to the table is bascially a big chequebook and a big rolodex, along with some stockpiles of supplies. The actual workers come from contractors, volunteers, locals and National Guard. I guess I could go on, but then you’ve probably already heard this and just refuse to listen.

  73. holdfast Says:

    “Blanco has refused to sign over control of the National Guard to the federal government and has turned to a Clinton administration official, former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief James Lee Witt, to help run relief efforts.”

    I guess this is Bush’s fault too?

  74. richard mcenroe Says:

    A briefing on the Federal military response to Katrina…

  75. Monica Says:

    holdfast is one funny f*cktard.

    Good for Blanco! James Lee Witt is well thought of and is extremely competent.

    Um, when and if I had the millions, no, the billions, to propel me into the top 1% of the wealthiest folk in this country who have to divvy up their fair share of the estate tax. . . Nope, I wouldn’t mind paying for my cushy ride at all.

    You people are frothing at the mouth in effort to think up some spin to excuse your corrupt and incompetent and immoral administration. Why? Jesus, can’t you find any decent Republicans to replace them?

    When this admin lets Cuba make us look bad to the world, well, that’s bad.

    Hurricane Katrina is a terrible tragedy. But it

  76. Bostonian Says:

    I can’t figure out why this Monica is giving Nagin a free pass on all those buses he didn’t use.

    Even one trip would have saved thousands of people.

  77. Monica Says:

    Can you swim and drive at the same time f*cktard? If you can, are you going to pay for the gas and to pay the drivers, and the security that would be needed. Whose going to handle the media storm that will certainly follow this unprecented move, a mere mayor evacuating a major US city?

    Most importantly where are you deposit these thousands of people, halfwit? How are you going to feed, water and house them. Don’t forget security!

    My LAWD, you neo-cons are braindead. You keep trying to play this lameass blame game to deflect any accountability from your sorry, spoiled, silver-spoon President. (I realize that he’s only a not-too-bright figurehead for Powers That Be, but still!)

    In light of the thousands that died, it’s completely dishonorable that our LEADER refuses to be accountable for what he’s gladly accepted the responsibility–to competently lead our country through its trials and crisis and all he can do is have Rove point fingers and squeal that after a disaster completely destroyed a major US city–rescuing American citizens was somebody’s else’s responsibility and the failure to do so somebody else’s fault.

    That’s not even being a man, much less a President.

  78. richard mcenroe Says:

    The levee has been plugged and pumping begun. “Mayor” Nagin said this is “the kind of progress I expected sooner.”

  79. Robin Roberts Says:

    You are a foul-mouthed little one, Monica. But you really have not a single clue what you are talking about. Evacuation was always the city government’s responsibility. It says so in their own disaster plan. Mayor Nagin and Gov. Blanco had the legal authority and legal responsibility and they refused to begin the evacuation in a timely fashion and they squandered their own resources such as nearly 500 buses.

    The President did not have the authority to run the evacuation nor to order it. That’s the law.

    You just have not a single clue.

  80. Monica Says:

    What a derriere-pluggin’ idiot you are, Mr. Roberts. Is that better? See, no bad words.

    If, heaven forbid, a nuke is dropped on or near your fair metropolis, be sure and keep your words in mind.

    Neocons, hope that your mayors have kept those school buses idling while your Prez plays with himself–oh, sorry, plays his guitar while waiting for your local authorities take charge and evacuate your blasted cities.

    (I’m sure you dull-minded neocons read or had somebody read to you, the Post retractions that the governor BEGGED the Prez for help on the 26th, while he was on vacation).

    I have learned that neocons are not only more f*cktardish than I thought, but they support a Prez who isn’t much of a man. Why? They must identify with him!

    Thus they must ALL have small members and atrophied gonads. Poor unmanned conservative neocons.

    On that conclusion, I gotta bounce. One last thought, y’all would probably feel better, less prone to name-calling, screechy whining, general lying, and of course, drug-taking like that Rush guy, if you found a real man to follow slavishly instead of that wussy, whiny, rich baby boy Bush. Just a thought.

  81. Bostonian Says:

    I’m sure the Post would print anything a Democrat asked.

    I am still wondering why none of the local Democrats thought it was worth saving people with those buses. Too much bother, I guess.

  82. Sandy P Says:

    –Most importantly where are you deposit these thousands of people, halfwit? How are you going to feed, water and house them. Don’t forget security!

    My LAWD, you neo-cons are braindead.–

    Yet the feds are supposed to? – Seems you fit right in, you just made 1 of our arguments.

    It’s hurricane SEASON, comes every year. We just bot food that won’t expire until 2010, why can’t that be stocked at those places? I’ve got soup that expires 06/07.

    My dad was stationed in Germany 56-58 and was eating rations from WWII.

    LA has plan and a multi-state cooperation agreement. And for some odd reason, MS and AL don’t have as much as a problem and they could be worse off.

    Besides, Monica, where’d all the FEMA/DHS money go for the past 3 years?

    And it’s not like this was new, peruse Captain’s Quarters:

    Marc from Cranial Cavity notes that the issues of evacuation had come to light before in New Orleans, almost exactly a year ago, in the advance of Hurrican Ivan through the Gulf. This report demonstrates that the problem experienced this week in The Big Easy did not arise from ignorance or a failure of imagination, but directly from incompetence in the city administration and specifically by Mayor Ray Nagin…:

  83. Sandy P Says:

    –Nope, I merely want a competent U.S. government with a modicum of integrity that cares about ALL its people, not only the ones who can give large political contributions.—

    You might be surprised.

  84. Sandy P Says:

    Getting good via LGF, Nagin in a CNN interview:

    …And what the state was doing, I don

  85. Robin Roberts Says:

    Monica, its a lie that Gov. Blanco “begged” for help on the 26th. It wasn’t until the 28th that Blanco sent a letter listing the aid she wanted for Louisiana. It was all monetary aid.

    Here’s the letter, every item she requests is either monetary aid or “debris removal”.

    Grow up, Monica.

  86. joejoe Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this situation is a perfect example of the policy that people who have the fortune to live in a democracy get what they deserve when their elected government screws up.

    Citizens need to take seriously the concept that elections have consequences.

  87. azlibertarian Says:

    …You [rich folks] need to deduct your tax subsidized perks, pay for your luxuries, and puff on your cigar and shut up about poor people and goverment tits, for real….

    My guess is that Monica is not yet a “victim” of the AMT. Those tax deductions are long gone. One of the reasons I like and won’t apologize for being rich is to be able to buy those luxuries. However, getting rich is about more than acquiring luxuries. The best way, IMO, to get rich is to avoid those luxuries. I make reasonable contributions to charities that help the poor, but those are my choices, not the government’s.

    This whole debate reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. The Left wants the Wizard to immediately grant them everything they think they need. Dorothy finally realizes that The Wizard isn’t really granting these things; he’s just behind the curtain pulling levers and making smoke. The movie concludes when Dorothy realizes just how much power she has to achieve on her own that which she seeks (and conversely, just how powerless the Wizard really is).

  88. Ace of Spades HQ Says:

    Governess Blanco: Bush Begged Me For Mandatory Evacuation Of City

    From an AP story one day before Katrina hit. Down the memory hole. There are, after all, more important stories, like how Bush was so passive and disengaged from the coming tragedy. And what about all those buses left wheelwell…

  89. Dave in Texas Says:

    Blanco did not relinquish control of the Guard until the 28th. When brigade-sized units finally had the green light to move, there was still only one open highway in and out of NO, and they faced the same logistical nightmare that everyone else did, 20 feet of water and sludge. That they still managed to move over 20,000 people in 48 hours is nothing short of amazing.

    But they are a lumbering beast, they are not nimble, and if you need them on Tuesday you don’t call them the day after.

  90. WuzzaDem Says:

    Monay Linkage

    AYC asks about what’s-her-name. Do you know? Chad from In The Bullpen has a must-read Katrina post. Equally important is Vodkapundit’s post. The Therapist thinks Nagin might change his mind – again. If you don’t know who Nagin is, you

  91. WuzzaDem Says:

    Monday Linkage

    AYC asks about what’s-her-name. Do you know? Chad from In The Bullpen has a must-read Katrina post. Equally important is Vodkapundit’s post. The Therapist thinks Nagin might change his mind – again. If you don’t know who Nagin is, you

  92. John "Akatsukami" Braue Says:

    Whose (sic)going to handle the media storm that will certainly follow this unprecented move, a mere mayor evacuating a major US city?

    The same ones, I reckon, that will handle the media storm that will certainly follow a white male Republican brushing aside two elected Democrats, one black, one a woman, and asserting control over their demenses.

  93. Can't See the Center Says:

    Doomsday +7

    It’s certainly true that response — not federal response, just plain old response — seemed slow. That’s because we were glued to TV sets watching a flood wash away one of America’s most storied cities. But that wasn’t necessarily the case.

  94. Pamela Says:

    I’ve been following the Monica diatribe for two days and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is “invincibly ignorant” and should be left to stew in her own prejudice.

  95. MSgt G. L. White Says:

    To blame anyone but Gov.Blanco and that pathetic mayor of N.O. requires a complete misunderstanding of how disaster preparedness and response works. It’s a local job, with Feds carefully and legally in a backup and support role, but if the local idiots completely fall apart and have done zero preparation, it’s hard to back up something that isn’t there. Federal support has to rely in locals on the ground to find out what’s going on and who needs what and in what priority, or they’re working blind. Nagin’s incompetent and corrupt cops (those that remained) had no working commo system, which should lead to the instant removal of him and the entire police leadership, at a minimum.

    Add to this Hellish brew about 100,000 undeserving idiots (I’ll leave out perhaps 20,000 children and senile elderly who perhaps had no options) who after several generations of hereditary welfare dependency just sit on their fat asses in the face of nightmarish warnings and expect some magical Government Fairy to swoop down instantly and save them from their own world-class stupidity.

    The vast majority of those adult New Orleans “stay-behinds” certainly reaped the whirlwind, and considering how the Guard and 82nd Airborne guys performed once they finally just shoved the locals aside, the “refugees” got far better Federal help than they deserved.

    They got pretty much the State and City government they deserved, though. Any city that can afford to spend hundreds of millions on the Superdome and slicking up their touristy appeal should be able to fortify their goddam levees, but when you keep electing mealy-mouthed fumblers, don’t blame anyone but the fools that elected them.

    Master Sergeant Who Has Been There ….

  96. Lurking Observer Says:

    For those who believe that Dubya should have simply asserted control over the city of New Orleans (and state of Louisiana?), before Katrina made landfall, I’m curious:

    Do you also believe that DC should have statehood?

    For years, DC was incredibly mismanaged by its duly elected mayor. When the Feds took it over, the outcry was enormous—who are the Feds to take over?

    DC is still horribly mismanaged (how can an area that has the highest per capita spending per student have some of the worst public schools??). Does that mean that Eleanor Holmes Norton and company should not gain voting rights?

    Just curious….

  97. snowy egret Says:

    Oh yeah bush is to blame for hurricane katrina all becuase of the dumb kyoto treaty thats what the idiots at GREENPEACE will say just like when they tried to claim last years TSUNAMI was cuased by global warming good greif what makes greenpeace so dumb?

  98. The J Man Says:

    Richard you said: “Plan or no plan, they could not BY LAW move in until the governor and mayor requested it. How hard is that to understand.”

    This is false. The Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Plan was accepted and implemented by Bush Administration in December 2004. DHS’s National Response Plan acknowledges the responsibility for the states to request federal assistance. BUT the NRP has a provision providing for a PROACTIVE federal response in diasters. Here is a direct quote lifted from Guiding Principles for Proactive Federal Response the NPR (pg.44):

    “Standard procedures regarding requests for assistance may be expedited or, under extreme circumstances, suspended in the immediate aftermath of an event of catastrophic magnitude.”
    “Identified Federal response resources will deploy and begin necessary operations as required to commence life-safety activities.”

    There was nothing stopping the Bush administration from moving troops and Search And Rescue materiel into the area. It is a wingnut canard that permission was needed. You correctly mentioned the limitations of the Posse Comitatus Act, but you fail to mention that the Act prohibits military personnel from taking part in DIRECT law enforcement activities. Indirect Military logistical support to local law enforcement is NOT prohibited under the Posse Comitatus Act. The military could have begun supporting local LEOs immediately by providing transport and materiel. The military could have also begun search and rescue and medical operations immediately without violating the Act.

    And as far as direct law enforcement activities (arresting and detaining), here again the Bush did NOT need state permission to send in troops. Bush could have declared an emergency and invoked Sections 332 & 333 of the Insurrection Statutes to send in troops without the permission of state authorities. He chose not to do this.

    Robin – You should try shutting your piehole and opening a book for a change. Are you and the Bush administration (and Vodkapudit) honestly saying that people are dead and properties were destroyed because somebody forgot to fill in the proper forms and go through the proper channels? What a pathetic excuse! The Bush administration had all the legal authority they needed, see above. Don’t take my word for it,

    Read the DHS National Response Plan for yourselves:

    Are Nagin and Blanco completely blame-free? Probably not. But don’t be so quick to give FEMA and the administration a pass. I reiterate. Government failed period.

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