The “Interdictor” has been posting photos from downtown New Orleans since before the storm hit. Here’s today’s archive.

This shot caught my eye. If you look at the top center of the frame, you can see the old sign for Werlein’s Music. I bought my first guitar there on New Year’s Eve of 1987. The store has since moved off of Canal Street (there wouldn’t be anything lighter than a grand piano left there today if they hadn’t), but the sign stayed up.


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  1. David March Says:

    Even in the first 48 hours after Katrina first touched the Gulf Coast, a number of journalists have taken Bush and his administration to task for alleged failures in preparation and execution of relief efforts, as though the federal government should have done a head count and map of the people who decided to stay in New Orleans. As the summer progressed, climatologists predicted unusually severe hurricanes. That has in turn prompted supporters of the dead Kyoto treaty to blame Bush for almost any bad thing that happens.

    Many folks who call themselves progressive liberals believe that: 1) Global Warming has been proven to exist as a climatic trend; 2) It results from human

  2. American Mother Says:

    It has been a fascinating firsthand link/look at NO (I’ve been checking it out for a few days since Boortz mentioned it)–but the comments section (at the least) has been quite revealing. The latest post remarks that things seem to finally be calming down in the city (mostly due to the growing military presence), but noting that everyone seems to be suspect (at first glance) in the minds of the Guardsmen. The commenters are now (in great numbers) spouting off ugly little things about the constraints of Martial Law and how low the military types can “go”. What did they expect? These people have been yowling for a military presence-and here it is! My point is; that whatever action is/isn’t taken in the wake of such a disaster-it is damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  3. lemon2stp Says:

    Time Line for Katrina Response

    Time Line for Katrina Response

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