You Haff My Gwatitude

According to TruthLaidBear’s rankings, VodkaPundit’s Thursday fundraiser brought in at least $600 in donations to Mennonite Disaster Services. Thanks, folks, and if you made a donation but haven’t logged it in a TLB, please do so.

I’d love to beat that conniving bitch Catalano.

UPDATE: Total is now $2,175. If I were the gloating type, I’d say, “In your face, Michele!”

But since I’m a kind, caring and compassionate sort of guy, I’ll just link to her Kids of Katrina post, instead.

Oh, and if you haven’t made a donation yet, hey, it’s still Thursday somewhere. Or something. Here’s the giant list-o-charities, just for your convenience.

UPDATE UPDATE: Wow. Over $4,000 in reported contributions now (Monday afternoon). Y’all rock.


9 Responses to “You Haff My Gwatitude”

  1. RightNumberOne Says:

    Especially when she’s beating you senseless with post after post after post after post ….


  2. michele Says:

    When you say “connving bitch” you do say it with love, right?


  3. RG Says:

    And you spelled her name wrong, dude! What’s up with that?

  4. Will Collier Says:

    Nag, nag, nag…

  5. richard mcenroe Says:

    Rehnquist just died.

  6. richard mcenroe Says:

    You noted you’re way above that amount, now, right?

  7. rbj Says:

    And apparently the Red Cross is causing more headaches
    (sorry for the extended URL)

    “However, some of the refugees and those who have helped them are frustrated with the Red Cross and its intractable bureaucracy, its tendency to look to the rule book before taking a step, whether it be registering evacuees for shelters and getting help from sorely needed volunteers.

    Also, the Red Cross-mandated migrating of evacuees from small shelters to large is ripping some from the small venues where they feel safe to much larger ones where people are placed hundreds to a room with no privacy and a shortage of bathrooms.”

  8. Norm Says:

    MDS is actually at $6,470.
    I noticed that NZ Bear has a lot of duplicate URL’s on the Charity Leader Board.
    I just sent Bear a breakdown on the dup’s.
    This moves MDS from 23rd to 18th in the rankings. Catalano has moved from 98 to 85

  9. Sean Says:

    Kentucky Fried Movie reference? Sweet!

    How about, “We are building a [hurricane] fighting force of extraordinary magnitude!”

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