And Now For Something Completely Different

SobekPundit recently interviewed Steve, who apparently bolted town just before the interview was posted, so I’m left to pass along the link. The results… well, the results defy description, so just click:

SobekPundit interviews VodkaPundit. And Cooper Anderson. Or Anderson Cooper, or whatever that guy’s name is.


5 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Sobek Says:

    Thanks for the link, and your willingness to abuse your position of trust for the benefit of obvious link-whores.

  2. Stephen Green Says:

    Holy crap, that was funny.

  3. Chateau D'If Says:

    Let’s Play Hardball

    SobekPundit stand-in Chris Matthews takes on VodkaPundit. (via, yep VodkaPundit). I’d ad that little “Live from the Arrogance Ballroom” dig that BJ gave Charles, but I like VodkaPundit too much to accuse them of blowing their own horn.

  4. Sandy P Says:

    I can understand you getting liquored, but lacquered?????

    Any of various clear or colored synthetic coatings made by dissolving nitrocellulose or other cellulose derivatives together with plasticizers and pigments in a mixture of volatile solvents and used to impart a high gloss to surfaces.
    A glossy, resinous material, such as the exudation of the lacquer tree, used as a surface coating.
    A finish that is baked onto the inside of food and beverage cans.

    tr.v. lac

  5. Sobek Says:

    That’s about how his liver probably looks these days. What’s the problem?

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