As Butt-head Once Said To Beavis…

… this is going to be cool.

Den Beste is back.


3 Responses to “As Butt-head Once Said To Beavis…”

  1. RussBlog - Russell Newquist's Weblog Says:

    Steven Den Beste is BACK!

    Many of my readers probably don’t know who he was, because he stopped blogging right about at the time I started. His old blog, USS Clueless (the real USS Clueless, accept no substitutes) was, in my not so humble opinion, THE single best source for th…

  2. Blaine Says:

    Is he dabbeling his feet? or has he found a comfortable new abode? I hope it is the latter.

  3. rosignol Says:

    Dunno. Redstate’s comment structure is irritating- responses to comments get squeezed to the right. Literally.

    I very much prefer the way it’s done here.

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