May The FOUR Be With You

Last Saturday’s Auburn-Alabama game inspired me deeply. The result is here.


6 Responses to “May The FOUR Be With You”

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Did I really count ten sacks?

  2. andy Says:

    That was an ugly, ugly game.

    Auburn clearly deserved their win.

  3. Will Collier Says:


    As they said in Spinal Tap, no, that one went to ELEVEN.

  4. Scout Says:

    Give me college football over pro any day. The spirit, emotion, unpredictability, and character (combined with already very good football skills) make for a much better game, IMHO.
    There have been plenty of heart-tugging games this season already… e.g. USC-ND.

  5. GHelton Says:

    I don’t have a dog in that fight. But that was a cool video!

  6. hey Says:


    that was an insane video. should alabama be put on suicide watch? ramma jamma yellow noose?

    awesome video, congrats to will.

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