Hasta La Vista, Tookie

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied clemency for convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, who co-founded the Crips street gang.

Since they probably won’t be mentioned in any of the media hysteria tonight and tomorrow, these four people are the reasons why Williams will assume room temperature this evening:

Albert Owens
Thsai-Shai Yang
Yen-I Yang
Yee Chen Lin

And this is what he did to them.

Fair warning: the pictures are gruesome… but so were Williams’ crimes. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


47 Responses to “Hasta La Vista, Tookie”

  1. UrbanGrounds Says:

    Tookie Williams: Clemency Denied

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied clemency for celebrity darling/author/Noble Peace Prize nominee/gang leader/oh…and 4-time un-repentent murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams

  2. Conservative Outpost Says:

    Tookie gets no help from Arnold

    From the AP: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied clemency to Stanley Tookie Williams, the former gang leader whose case stirred debate over capital punishment and the possibility of redemption on death row. Williams, 51, is set to die by injection at…

  3. tefta Says:

    Will thanks for the warning about the pictures. People who feel sorry for this guy should be forced to look at them.

  4. Suitably Flip Says:

    No Clemency For Tookie

    It’s the end of the road for an evil monster.

  5. dcthornton.com Says:

    Clemency Denied

    Hasta la vista, Tookie.

  6. Scott in CA Says:

    Hi Steve. From my house up here in the East Bay hills, I can see Marin, just about where San Quentin is. I get up at 5 a.m., but it would almost be worth it to stay up to toast a cocktail to the scumbag as he dies. Good riddance.

  7. Lexington Green Says:

    Bravo for posting the pictures.

  8. Journal Says:

    Arnold Says Nay: Williams Execution Will Proceed

    A running blog of the event from The Paladin

  9. Jeff Diekmann Says:

    Thanks Stephen, for the link to see why he’s going to a better place……for the rest of us. We need more justice like in Braveheart. Wallace walks up to the murderer, looks at him up and down, and slits his throat without emotion. Proper regard for justice.

  10. ProCynic Says:

    Tookie is an example of someone who should have been aborted by his would-be parents, someone without whom the world would have been much better off.

  11. peter Says:

    Just once, when Fox News or CNN is interviewing Mike Farrell, the anti death penalty advocate du jour, run these photo’s on the screen. Force Mikey boy to look at them real close, and explain why Tookie should br let out to write children’s books. Mike could explain that everyone knows that the photos were planted by the CIA to frame an innocent Democrat. Because we must remember that only Republicans commit crimes. Dan Rather could do a special report (fully documented) on how George Bush downed a sixpack with some Tequila shooters and murdered these innocent people which explains why he invaded Iraq. Bush lied people died! Tookies gonna have a much more peaceful death than his victim’s, unfortunatly.

  12. Right Wing Nut House Says:


    Good for the Governator:

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to block the execution early Tuesday of Stanley Tookie Williams, rejecting the notion that the founder of the murderous Crips gang had atoned for his crimes and found redemption on death …

  13. Blogs of War Says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Denies Stanley Tookie Williams Clemency

    Some of these folks should read “An Open Letter to Stanley

  14. Billy Fish Says:

    I for once wish all those people who brave the chill night air to stand in candlelight vigil for murderers like Williams would go to the graves of the poor folks who are there because of him and at least give them equal time.

    At least then I could garner a tad bit of respect for thier moral, if not warped view.

  15. Rumbear Says:

    VodkaPundit Wins!!! The first I have seen to use the most obvious line available!! By dawn we should be able to say he was “Terminated”!!!!!!

  16. The Gnat's Trumpet Says:

    Thank you for posting these. It always seems like the victims get forgotten when one of these monsters gets close to his just end.

  17. Sandy P Says:

    Someone on another post pointed out the bad relations between the black community and the asian community and 3 of his victims could be considered hate crimes.

    Toss that out to some caring lib and have fun w/the reaction.

  18. Political Satire Fake News - The Nose On Your Face Says:

    Are You There God? It’s Me Tookie.

    Twas the night before execution And right on Death Row Little Tookie had insomnia He knew he was next to go. I’m innocent! I swear! Was Tookie’s recurrent claim (100% of inmates polled said the same). He’d just about finished

  19. geezer Says:

    If Stanley Williams has truly reformed, I’d expect him to issue an impassioned plea for no rioting or violence of any kind to mark his passing. If his celeb friends were equally interested in justice, I’d expect them to issue equally impassioned appeals for calm.

    I’m still that naive to hope such could be the case tonight. Unfortunately, the realist in me fears for you good folks of California. Be safe, and be careful.

  20. Jessica Says:

    And now a total of five will be dead. I don’t think that will make our world any better off.

  21. timmah Says:

    And that , Jessica, is why people like you should never be in a position of responsibility. You apparently can not tell the difference between an unrepentant murderer, and his victims. Nevermind the fact he co founded one of the worst violent gangs in US history.

  22. Angie Says:

    I’m not an Arnold fan, but so glad he’s agreed with me this one time.

  23. richard mcenroe Says:


  24. Will Allen Says:

    One can be opposed to the death penalty, as I am, without having any sympathy for this predator’s impending doom.

  25. Brown Trout Says:

    And so Mr. Tookie is most likely guilty of murder and mayhem, and he shows no remorse (other than twenty-plus years of anti-gang activism). Meanwhile, back on the the Euphrates, some desk soldier gives an order, based on “best intelligence,” to bomb a suspected religious fundamentalist nutjob hideout in a residential district. 500 lb bomb is dropped. Eardrums for 500 yards in all directions go snappity crackly pop. Most bleed out their ears. Some hearing is lost forever. 3 “suspected” religious fundamentalist nutjobs are wasted. Also, 5 to 13 civilians, depending on whether you read Reuters or AP, go off to greet Allah, couple kiddies in the mix. Why are the civilians in Rumsfeld’s war called collateral damage, and why are Tookie’s gang war victims considered homicides? Are any of these innocent folks less dead because the guy who pulled the trigger/pushed the button had different rationale behind his violence? Don’t try to tell me that the desk soldier…so reminiscient of most white guys who like waving flags from the couch…was surprised that dropping a bomb on a suspected (not confirmed) religious nutjob target in a civilian are would result in civilian deaths. He knew it would happen, yet he gives the order without remorse.

    One writes a book for black kids to read to steer them clear of the gangs and then gets “Bravehearted” to satisfy some white guys. The other will pen his bio with a title like, “The Right Manly Man” for said white guys to jerk off to. I’d say today I’m feeling that 25% of me that’s African-American, and it smarts, boys, it smarts.

  26. Scott in CA Says:

    Brown Trout, personally I am sick of racist crap like your post. Give it a rest.

  27. mad bikini blogger Says:

    Tookie becomes dookie. Film at 11… ‘cept that’s too early. Damn. Hummmmm…

    Bet his book will sell like gangbusters posthumously! 🙂

    And if he’s done so much to deter gang violence with his kiddie books, why is there a 500% increase in Gangsta Rap since his incarceration?

    Just wondering.

  28. Swanky Conservative Says:

    Tookie’s Toast

    Looks like Tookie Williams, convicted murdered of four people, will be put to death this evening. California governor Schwarzenegger refused to grant him clemency and the Supreme Court refused to intervene. Rightly so.
    Maybe now the damn protestors f…

  29. Anna Says:

    According to the law of the land he was found guilty, convicted, sentenced to death, made his appeals, they were denied, he dies. Where’s the problem? Personally, I think he’s getting off a lot easier than his victims. He gets to go to sleep and just stop breathing. Nothing like the terror he put those poor people through.

  30. Boz Says:

    Let us not forget as well the innocents caught in the crossfire when those animals withs color crips and bloods go firing at each other and a small child or adult ends up dead.

    His evil started ages ago and just grew.

  31. Will Allen Says:

    Trout, you’re just the mirror image of the cretins who put on white sheets and burn crosses.

  32. Mike Daley Says:

    Still don’t know if I’ll vote Ahnold for re-election, but this pdf file makes it a little more possible.

    Mike Daley

  33. Pamela Says:

    “Tookie” Williams has not reformed and he has passed on his buisiness to his family. He tried to escape once too.

    Despite his alleged turnaround, prison officials state Williams is still involved with the Crips, directing action from his jail cell for the past eleven years. San Quentin spokesman Vernell Crittendon notes Tookie still maintains an

  34. Small Town Veteran Says:


    … I wish I could remember whom I’m quoting when I say “Every life has value. In some cases the value is just negative.” …

  35. Pamela Says:

    Stanley “Tookie” Williams has been executed.

    His vitcims families are in hiding fearing for thier life.

  36. Billy Fish Says:

    Trout, seems to me like you have some hidden issues. You know, in the run up to the war, I heard a lot about the ‘disproportionate’ number of black men in the US army so I would be careful in simply assuming that the desk jockey calling in the air strike is a ‘white guy’.

    Then again, such an assumption would not jive so well with your prejudices now would they.

  37. Ed Says:


    Thanks for taking out the trash.

  38. Rob Says:

    Brown: “Why are the civilians in Rumsfeld’s war called collateral damage, and why are Tookie’s gang war victims considered homicides?”

    Check out Webster’s definition of homicide, dude. And contrary to your last line, I don’t think smarts came into play in your case. Course, I’m just a racist. And the 25% of me that’s Irish needs a drink, so later.

  39. msmith40 Says:

    Let’s imagine a last-minute, death-row phone conversation between Governor Schwarzenegger & Tookie Williams, shall we?


    Tookie: “Hello….?”
    Governor (To be read with ‘Ah-nold’ accent): “Hello, Tookie. How are you?”
    Tookie: “Governor Schwarzenegger? This is a surprise! I was hoping you’d call me.”
    Governor: “Well, I just wanted to call you because I have some great news!”
    Tookie (excitedly): “Really? You’re going to grant me clemency?”
    Governor: “No. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.
    Happy Kwanzaa!”


  40. richard Says:


  41. Sandy P Says:

    Via Cap’t Ed:

    CQ reader Jeff Norris also sends this link by e-mail from The Atlantic Monthly, which covers a Brookings Institute study that surprisingly finds that each execution deters eighteen potential murders:

    Support for capital punishment is, of course, usually associated with the political right. But the lead author of a new paper making what might be termed the “big government” case for the death penalty is the noted liberal scholar Cass Sunstein(!). The paper draws in part on a study conducted at Emory University, which found a direct association between the reauthorization of the death penalty, in 1977, and reduced homicide rates. The Emory researchers’ “conservative estimate” was that on average, every execution deters eighteen murders. Sunstein and his co-author argue that this calculus makes the death penalty not just morally licit but morally required. A government that fails to make use of it, they write, is effectively condemning large numbers of its citizens to death

  42. Scott in CA Says:

    Well, it’s 8:30 Tues morning here in the Bay Area. Oddly, the place is quiet. The MSM seemed to be full of warnings of “racial tension” and “unrest” for thes last couple of days. Didn’t happen. I’m sure the MSM is horrified that it’s threats of violence failed to materialize. I also especially loved Fox News last night, with the reporter at the “vigil” at the gates of the prison. Here were all these white people, their faces kabuki masks of grief. Right behind them were a bunch of black “youth”. waving and smiling at the camera. NPR here today is full of “vigil” stories about the “devastating” sorrow at the execution. I’m sure the city of Berkeley has closed for official mourning.

  43. The Bay Area Is Talking Says:

    Tookie’s Legacy

    I’m finally heading to bed at about 5:00 a.m. after being up most of the night covering the Tookie Williams execution on KRON4.com. Check us out. You can watch streaming video of all three panels of media witnesses as well…

  44. Seven Machos Says:

    Does anyone find the “racial tensions may erupt” thing somewhat to very racist. Here we have a man who was a gang leader who killed people and ran a criminal enterprise that had to have negatively affected the lives of thousands of poor people. He gets the death penalty. My intuition would be that those negatively affected poor people would say, “Good riddance, sucker.”

    Yet, because Williams is black and a very large percentage of those negatively affected poor people are almost certainly black, our media and elites expect race riots. This is a weird thing to expect. Is everything race-based and nothing more in their little minds?

  45. rosignol Says:

    Mr. Machos- it is better to be ready for a riot and not have one, than to not be ready for a riot and have one.

    I doubt anyone is as happy to be wrong about this as the LAPD is.

  46. Amy Says:

    While I disagree with the death penalty, I won’t be crying any tears (or joining any insipid candlelight vigils) over this guy. He deserves to go. And like I said, while I disagree with capital punishment, I DEFINITELY don’t think that people like him should be let out of prison– ever!

  47. Seven Machos Says:

    An insightful point, rosignol. If the media was reporting what the LAPD was doing, great. I had thought it was some sort of speculation by media elites.

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