Happy Festivus!

It’s December 23, which, of course, is Festivus. Here’s the pole, 100% free of tinsel.


Comments are open; let the Airing of Grievances begin! Feel free to continue with the Feats of Strength at your own local celebrations…


20 Responses to “Happy Festivus!”

  1. Dave Says:

    put a few nails in the top of it and it’d make a nice coat rack.

  2. another Dave Says:

    . . . then it would become a . . .


  3. Joan Says:

    My greivance: I got nothing to complain about!

    Happy Holidays, Will! 😉

  4. Capt Nemo Says:

    Grievance: My dog’s farts are starting to get a little worse.

  5. Pursuit Says:

    Those are the lamest grievances ever!

    God, you people piss me off!

    Happy friggin Festivus.

  6. TIm P Says:

    Damnit Pursuit! You want grievances, I got grievances for ya!

    My wife left me,
    my dog just bit me,
    I’ve been evicted from my double wide and my car won’t start.

    Wait, no! That’s country music.
    Oh well, Happy Festivus.

  7. DC Says:

    I’m very disappointed with all of you, but I’m really disappointed with

    – Unions
    – Sheppard Smith
    – Jimmy Carter is still talking and writing books.
    – Journalists
    – People who don’t like toads.

    My real list is here.

  8. Steve Ducharme Says:


    I gotta say that this site has been a bit too quiet these days… Steve has an excuse I suppose but where is Will? … Dammit!

  9. CharlieDontSurf Says:

    Will someone please get Rita Cosby a Rhinoplasty?

  10. Jason Broander Says:

    My grievance–no one besides me hailed George Szell in the classical music post a little while back. All hail the Cleveland Orchestra.

  11. mikem Says:

    Airing of Grievances? OK, here’s mine. Uberbloggers who save their longest posts and best efforts for the advertisements disguised as “Readers keep asking me what cameras (etc) I recommend”. They insult our intelligence.
    Thanks for letting me share.
    Happy Festivus.

  12. Greg Says:

    LOL! Merry Christmas, Will!

  13. Eric Says:

    My greivance: Too much work for too little pay.

  14. BlogDog Says:

    My joints ache.
    That’s more of a holiday whine than an airing of a grievance.
    But it’s a fine whine, well aged and piquant.

  15. JoeBlow Says:

    No real complaints except…
    (1) Can we stop saying “send a message”? It’s meaningless now. Nobody is receiving the message anyway.
    (2)I’m sick of hearing about holiday shopping–I spend what I can spend and if the retailers aren’t happy, it’s their problem, not mine.
    (3) Why do we have to know what the #1 movie was from the past week? Are we sheep who follow the leader?

  16. kalishnakovs for all Says:

    My complaint is JoeBlow forgot to mention (4)Can we stop using the term “slippery slope”? It has to be the most overly used panic phrase of ’05, show a little imagination and come up with a few new panic analogies.

  17. Myron Says:

    Merry Christmas

  18. azlibertarian Says:

    Grievance: I’m beginning to get arthritis. In my trigger finger. Grrrrr. Happy Friggin’ Festivus!

  19. Texican Says:

    My grievance is with the weather. It’s been hot here in Central TX since LAST March. Seriously, I think we have had less than 5 days in the 40s or 50s in the past 9 months. Most of the rest of the temps have been 70+. It’s supposed to be 84 today! I am sooo sick of short sleeves and sandals!!! (and yes, I am trying to move up North ASAP…I’m not just bitching to bitch)
    Happy Belated Festivus y’all!

  20. blue sky in texas Says:

    Difficult Christmas Tree

    For those of you worried that I actually wrapped Christmas tree lights around a box and called it a tree, here’s our actual tree (only less blurry): Or, I was just celebrating Festivus…

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