Ground Control To MSM: Your Judgement’s Dead, There’s Something Wrong

When I heard last week about Dick Cheney’s hunting accident, I think I’m safe in saying that I had the same reaction as most people: “The guy who got shot is okay? Kind of funny, then.” And that was about it. When the press coverage jumped the rails over the next couple of days, I asked a few decidedly-not-pro-Bush friends whether they thought the story was a big deal. None of them said yes. All of them forwarded me jokes, most of which were pretty good.

That reaction, more than everything else, was all the confirmation I needed that the media has lost its collective mind. I see at Drudge that they’re intent on stretching the non-story of why they didn’t get a press release as soon as they would have liked into a second week.

Now, if you MSM folks out there have any interest in convincing the rest of us that you haven’t lost all sense of proportion (or sense, period), I have a suggestion: quit talking to each other about how ill-used you’ve been, and start doing some actual reporting. Just to show that I’m a nice guy, I’ll even point you towards a big story that isn’t getting any coverage to speak of:

A home invasion and attack near Duluth [GA] a week ago has set off a political firestorm that may reach all the way to China.

Peter Yuan Li said he was tied up and beaten in his Chatburn Way home by several men on Feb. 8. The men spoke Korean and Mandarin and left behind certain valuables, including a camcorder and television, but took his computers, a phone and his wallet, according to Li. They also demanded unspecified documents and pried open two file cabinets, he said.

But Li claims it was no ordinary robbery. The culprits, he said, were Chinese agents who targeted him because of his work with The Epoch Times international newspaper and its Internet site, which is affiliated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement.

The Chinese government has brutally clamped down on Falun Gong practices and branded it a cult. Li, a practitioner of Falun Gong, said the newspaper is highly critical of China’s communist government and its dismal human rights record.

“It was a warning,” said the China-born Li, 41, who moved to the United States in 1987 and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. “They did this because of the work I do promoting human rights.”

The FBI is looking into the incident for possible civil rights violations, but a spokesman declined to say whether the Chinese government might be involved. The attack is still under investigation by the Fulton County Police Department.

A man, who declined to give his name, who answered the telephone at the Chinese Embassy in Washington called The Epoch Times the “propaganda machine of the evil cult” and said he didn’t know anything about the attack on Li.

Li, though, has no doubt who is behind the attack.

Li’s ordeal began a week ago, while he was at the home he shares with his wife and two children. Between 11 a.m. and noon, he said, someone knocked on his door and a man said it was a water delivery. Li said he hadn’t ordered water but when he opened the door another man, who was hidden, jumped out and the two pushed him back into his house. His attackers had a knife and a gun.

He was knocked to the floor, blindfolded and covered with a quilt. “I was scared,” Li said as he recalled the terrifying morning. “They were strong. I couldn’t breathe. I became weak and they started to beat me.”

They used duct tape to cover his mouth and tied him up. At one point, he said, one or two other men came in the house. One, Li said, spoke Chinese and asked him about the location of a safe. Li said he doesn’t have a safe, but could hear them searching through his file cabinets.

He said relatives who still live in China also have been harassed. Li doesn’t ask them about details for fear it might make their situation worse, but his family has told him they think he’s “taking the right course and they support me.”

That article appeared in the Metro section of Thursday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and other than one Washington Post story and couple of online mentions by Forbes, it hasn’t received any other notable coverage. The name “Peter Yuan Li” gets no hits from a search of the New York Times, no hits at, and no hits at (David Gregory, call your office).

I find this a bit odd. Here we have a pretty credible allegation that a United States citizen was attacked, beaten, and robbed in his own home by agents of a hostile foreign power because of his political views and activities.

As George Carlin used to say, I’m going to repeat that, because it sounds kind of important:

Here we have a credible allegation that an American citizen was attacked, beated and robbed in his own home by agents of a hostile foreign power because of his political views and activities.

Call me a press-hating fascist wingnut, but I think that’s a big story. That’s a page one, lead for a week, cover-of-Time-and-Newsweek story. Why the hell are you whining yourselves hoarse about how long it took the White House press corps to learn about a minor hunting accident?


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  1. PSGInfinity Says:

    Shelia M. Poole’s courage should net HER a Pulitzer. Instead, this Atlanta scribe risks being blackballed because of her temerity. Kinda makes you wonder what stories we missed back before Algore invented the internet?

  2. James Ament Says:

    You said, “Call me a press-hating fascist wingnut, but I think that’s a big story. That’s a page one, lead for a week, cover-of-Time-and-Newsweek story. Why the hell are you whining yourselves hoarse about how long it took the White House press corps to learn about a minor hunting accident?”

    Because the press hates Cheney more than they love their profession.

  3. richard mcenroe Says:


  4. mynewsbot Says:

    I agree

  5. Robert Bidinotto Says:

    Steve, my take is this: The MSM is desperate for a diversion from their blatant cut-and-run cowardice in the Mohammed cartoon story. They have been taking a merciless pummeling for that, and know damned well that they can’t respond.

    So they urgently need to come up with some other target of public scorn to replace themselves as the focus of public mockery and disgust.

    This conduct is not evidence of insanity. It’s evidence of evasion.

  6. Ardsgaine Says:

    That, and perhaps they have too much “humility”.

  7. frank martin Says:

    When did you start thinking the press was interested in giving you a well rounded independent view of the world to help you make decisions?

    The press is a political party, no more, no less. Worse, a political party out of power and out of step with the public. The press is where the birchers and bunchanaites were in 1968. Insane, alone and all the depth of their political thought can be expressed in bumper sticker haiku, but still not a party remotely capable of changing public opinion or policy.

    Normally I wouldnt care but every round the press expends “fighting Bush” is a round not spent fighting terrorism, fascism and intolerance. If the press got its priorities straight, the war could be over in 6 months, but thanks to continually giving hope to the enemy that they might win, the war will go on. Not because bush is fighting it, but because the press wont.

  8. Ed Says:

    Fun, Fun, Fun ‘Til Daddy Takes Your Readers Away

    Matt Drudge writes that this week will be another week of CheneyMania from the legacy media:On CNN’s RELIABLE SOURCES, WASHINGTON POST reporter Dana Milbank fretted that the White House is exploiting the public’s growing disdain for the mainstream medi…

  9. Ardsgaine Says:

    frank martin wrote:
    If the press got its priorities straight, the war could be over in 6 months

    This I disagree with. I think the thought behind it goes something like: If the press wasn’t sniping at the president’s heels, he could do what he has to do in order to win this war. The problem is, the president doesn’t disagree with the press on fundamentals. Both accept the premise that using the full force of American might in order to win the war would make us bullies. This is a viewpoint implicitly shared by the vast majority of the American people, though roughly half of them guiltily resent it. It is not the press’s job to grant absololution to the president for the “sin” of forcing our will on the middle east. It is up to the president and the American people to reject the idea that it is a sin to defend our lives and freedom with all of our might. When we do that, the condemnations of the press will fall on deaf ears.

  10. syn Says:

    The press is simply depressing.

  11. Queer Conservative Says:

    The Long Arm Of The Red Menace

    Have you heard about this story? I hadn’t.
    HT: Will Collier at Vodkapundit

  12. Tim P Says:


    While I agree with you about this being I big story, I would add, “if it’s true.”

    Don’t forget the Egyptian Coptic Chrisitan family from a year or two ago that was brutally murdered in their house in New Jersey. This guy got on line and argued with muslims, he got death threats, yada yada. There was much speculation that it was muslim fanatics that did the killing. Turned out it was a couple of punks. One of whom lived upstairs.

    In my town, right after 9/11, there was an Saudi businessman who’s printing business was ransacked and anti-muslim epitaths were painted on walls etc. He claimed he was the vicitm of anti-Arab prejudice, the town paper rallied around him and he became a media darling. An organization called, ‘Not In MY Town’ was formed to combat prejudice, gin up donations to get him back on his feet and all that other good stuff. I could just hear the banjo riffs from ‘Deliverence’ accompanying every overheated editorial.

    Turns out he was a two bit chisler with big debts and a small IQ and that he did it himself to collect insurance money and donations from sympathetic folks. Christian, muslim, jew, hindu or whatever, human nature is what it is.

    So, while I sympathize, I’ll keep my powder dry until we have more facts.

    As for the MSM, let them go on and flog Cheyney until their arms fall off. The only ones looking like fools here are the MSM.

    Other perhaps bigger stories might be the suppression of the Barrett Report. You know, the one that pretty thoroughly chronicles the Clinton administration use of the IRS to harass political opponents, among other things. To wit, “This careful and continuous monitoring of the report explains why Sens. Byron Dorgan, Dick Durbin and John Kerry took the highly unusual step earlier this year of trying to slip into an Iraq-war spending bill an amendment to suppress every word of the Barrett report. (Every other independent counsel finding has been printed in its entirety, with the exception of small sections containing classified material.)”

    Or the release of some of the Saddam tapes that proved that they had, or thought they had WMD’s. And whether or not they did, they were sure as hell lying to the UN and everybody else.

    No, let’s not speak of these things when we can crucify the vice president for an accident.

    But hey, I’m not cynical. Not about the Washington Press corps!

  13. Sister Toldjah Says:

    MSM plans another week of Cheney shooting coverage

    As if we hadn’t seen enough already, the latest manufactured-on-the-part-of-the-MSM ’scandal’ will be given at least another week of scrutiny and coverage. Via Drudge:
    This just in… Both TIME and NEWSWEEK are planning high im…

  14. TIm P Says:

    One more thing, just for grins, go back and look at how they treated Teddy boy and his negligent homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne. Just for comparison, because you know the press is objective, they don’t take sides, really, just ask them.
    Why are you laughing so hard?

  15. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier
    RE: Can You Say….

    “Why the hell are you [the so-called ‘major media’] whining yourselves hoarse about how long it took the White House press corps to learn about a minor hunting accident?” — Will Collier

    …desparation measures?

    I knew you could.

    This is one of the reasons I don’t pay any attention to what CNN, Time, Newsweek, NYT, LAT, WaPo and the rest of the so-calle ‘main stream media’ have to say. They are, for all intents and purposes, WORTHLESS. And that is a ‘fact’.

    Better attend to reliable blogs for what is going on around you, than to their ilk.


    [What they are telling could be true. But, what they are NOT telling you could be vital. — cbpelto]

  16. Cake Eater Chronicles Says:

    And a Good One At That

    …as in Martini Boy’s bartender has a good question for the mainstream media in light of their apparent decision to keep beating the Cheney SHOT someone drum. It’s better than good, really. I’d say it’s an absolutely crucial question that…

  17. Right Side of the Rainbow Says:

    While the press was hunting Dick, did the Chinese government raid a home in Georgia?

    Will Collier has a question for big media: Here we have a credible allegation that an American citizen was attacked, beated and robbed in his own home by agents of a hostile foreign power because of his political views and…

  18. Cletus Says:

    Bottom line here is, when they suppress a religious movement in their own country, its reprehensible. When they send secret agents to suppress peoples’ relious freedom in our country, we’re looking at an act of war. This may be bigger than the Iran situation…

  19. Lew Clark Says:

    Because the MSM’s favorite candidates get large campaign contributions from the Chinese government, but not one red cent in campaign contributions from Dick Cheney. Follow the money!

  20. jon Says:

    Going after Cheney is like attending the mall before Christmas: the story is already there. Mall is crowded. Cheney’s folks are unresponsive and evasive-seeming. The media isn’t so much biased as it is lazy. They’ll get the story they want, especially if it’s easy. The hard stuff? That costs too much and might require hard work and making new connections that might not have the same lunch schedule as the old ones.

  21. Inside Larry's head Says:

    This is a good use of bloggity

    Over on Vodkapundit Will Collier points out one of the things I like best about blogging. Trying to give a news story more attention.

    Chinese dissident attacked at home
    Shelia M. Poole – Staff
    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    A hom…

  22. JEM Says:


    I think you are missing the point. OBL and AQ gains strength and PR opportunities because the MSM refuses to believe any US positives coming out of Iraq and embellishes every possible point the looney left would hope to have brought forward. IN WWII that would have been considered treason. I hope no one takes issue with a critical press, they are going to be if they are doing their role. But when they willingly allow themselves to be the PR organ of the enemy, and prolong conflict which will result in more US deaths, what should the rest of us think? My only hope is to continue watching the MSM spiral downward and hope it will accelerate. And yes to another poster, the MSM is very, very lazy – and even when trying rarely get it right. So part of me wonders if they are just incompetent, or willingly aiding the enemy.

  23. Almonte J. Mayfair Esq Says:

    Yeah, no kidding, the press is missing a heck of a war. I’m pretty sure they missed covering the billions of dollars that are being poured down the drain in Iraq and the number of lives that are being tragically ended. If they could just get one thing right we’d be ok.

  24. Tim P Says:

    Almonte, heh.
    Another stupid troll afraid to sign his real name.

  25. mlhm5 Says:

    IMO, Cheney is a man of deep moral cowardice. HE makes a mistake and shoots his friend; blames the friend.

    Only Cheney doesn’t do it directly. He gets underlings to do it for him.

    Until Cheney et al. were forced to switch thier course, the party line was that Whittington screwed up by sneaking up behind Cheney.

  26. mrsizer Says:

    mlhm5, I think the point here is: So what? You’ve said it. The story has been reported. Move on.

  27. hubs and spokes Says:

    So Sick of Politics

    I’ve been trying to find things to blog about today and I just can’t bring myself to post on anything political today. I’m so tired of the constant barrage of wild, loony Bush-hating (latest example – Cheney the Man-hunter…

  28. Julie Says:

    I wonder how many guns mlhm5 has in her house.

  29. Curious Says:

    At the risk of injecting common sense into this thread, last time I checked, the AJC, the WaPo and Forbes were all card-carrying members of the mainstream media.
    The Washington press corps will continue to beat the Cheney horse until the next time Bush goes mountain biking, but the metro reporters at the Post and the AJC will follow up on this story… if they can get more information.
    Watergate started with a story inside the Post’s metro section, you might remember.

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