There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border II

Our favorite stop in Cabo was the Monkey Business Bar, in a little cove off the main drag:


Courtesy of bartenders Ricardo and Victor…


… here’s a recipe for the Best Damn Margaritas, Ever:

2 shots Don Julio Blanco Tequila (if you ever drink Jose Cuervo, you deserve what you get)

1 shot Damiana (a local delicacy in Baja)

1 shot Controy

squirt of Madrile


5 Responses to “There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border II”

  1. Mike Daley Says:

    Why waste good booze in a Margarita? Unless you’re totally into Jimmy Buffett! (I know Jimmy Buffett, and regardless of the songs words, he agrees with me)
    Buy the good tequila of choice, take an old fashioned glass filled with ice, add tequila and a squeeze of lime. Drink!
    It’s shameful to read of all these woosie drinks, which if the $10 for a 1.75 ltr bottle of booze was used, none of you would know the difference. Not to mention all the added “in the know name branded” additions to the drink. Starting in 1968 I’ve probably spent more time than all of you in non-tourista Baja and have never heard of “Damiana (a local delicacy in Baja)”
    What a pretentious bunch of post yuppies!
    Will, I’d truly thought better of you! But, the babe is really good so who am I to denigrate you?

  2. Stephen Green Says:

    Just so you know, I’ve printed this recipe and am waiting for warm weather.

    29 degrees is plenty warm enough, right?

  3. Bob Says:

    They don’t drink Patron? Or Casa Noble?

  4. Winston Smith Says:

    Don Julio is one of the best tequilas I’ve had. The blanco isn’t prohibitively expensive, and it makes a damned smooth margarita.

  5. triticale Says:

    Damiana is an interesting liquour. Did you get a look at the bottle? It is clearly inspired by the flavoring herb’s reputation as an aphrodesiac.

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