There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border

I wasn’t able to fill in while Steve was sick last week because, er, I was busy drinking and swimming and generally having a good time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

El Arco.jpg

More later…


5 Responses to “There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border”

  1. TF6S Says:

    Was that you I saw at the Giggling Marlin taking shots upside down?

    Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  2. jmaster Says:

    Wow, Will. Your look just SCREAMS “engineer”.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    After all, you look like 90% of my co-workers (present company included).

    But you write about 1000 times better…..

  3. Loweeel Says:

    I went to Cabo with my parents and younger brother over Xmas and had a hell of a time. Where’d you stay?

  4. Will Collier Says:

    We stayed at Solmar, just on the other side of the rocks in the picture. Some more pics going up this afternoon…

  5. Rebel Yell Says:

    How much of a dork am I…the first thing I notice is that you have a Chuy’s shirt on and I geek out that you’ve been to Austin.
    Hope you have a great time in Mexico, dude.

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