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The Dog That Chased High-Definition Bears

April 23, 2006

Our dog finally noticed the television last week, during a Discovery HD show on brown bears in Alaska:


He followed them back and forth across the screen for a good fifteen minutes, and then looked back at us (doubled over in laughter) as if to say, “Hey , aren’t you two worried about all those bears outside the window?”

I wish I’d had a camcorder. The still picture just doesn’t capture how funny it was. Bob’s still wondering where the bears went…


Throw Away The Key

April 22, 2006

Mary McCarthy, a former Clinton appointee and Kerry campaign donor who was hired by none other than convicted classified information thief Sandy “Pants” Berger, was fired from the CIA yesterday after admitting to revealing classified information to the Washington Post.

Let me put this in perspective.

I’ve had a security clearance for over a decade now. Every time that clearance is renewed or changed, I have to read and sign a stack of legal papers affirming my understanding of Federal law, which can be summarized as Thou Shalt Not Reveal Anything Classified Or Allow It To Be Revealed To Those Who Ain’t Cleared For It.

Now, let’s just suppose that during the last election, I had taken it upon myself to go and leak classified information about the F-22 fighter to, say, Bill Gertz at the Washington Times, in the hopes that such information would bolster the campaign of George W. Bush. Or what if I’d leaked that information before last year’s budget was finalized, trying to get a competitive advantage over rival aircraft? (There are no rival aircraft when the F-22 is in the air, but that’s beside the point.) Or what if I just did it to make myself look and feel cool?

I’ll tell you what would happen. I’d be fired, and then I’d be locked up, and I’d deserve it.

It’s not my place to make that kind of decision. It wasn’t Mary McCarthy’s place, either. Neither of us were elected. Neither of us are responsible for deciding what can or should be released from the classified world. Contrary to the bleatings of McCarthy’s partisan cohorts editing the Washington Post and New York Times (who are actively soliciting classified information, even today, which I should note is itself an illegal act), neither is anybody in the press.

Are many things classified that shouldn’t be? You bet. Is it legal, moral, or ethical for somebody who has sworn to keep those secrets to unilaterally reveal them, for political reasons?

Hell no, it isn’t. And suggesting that McCarthy should get some kind of pass just because a bunch of ideological yahoos who work for newspapers like what she did is beyond asinine. What she did is no different, and no less unforgivable, than if she were an al-Queida spy. Her actions had the exact same outcome of aiding deadly enemies.

Lock her up.

Bleg: Me vs. the Varmint Cong

April 19, 2006

We have mice in the house. We have a LOT of mice in the house. We have mice that are smarter than the dog–since the mice now ignore mousetraps, and the dog does not.

Have you ever seen a black lab with a mousetrap on his tongue? It’s not a pretty sight. But that’s not important right now.

We’re about to give up and go nuclear on the little bastards. They’re getting into the cupboards and spoiling our food. They’re even eating the dog treats out of the dog treat jar (further proof that they’re smarter than the dog).

I’ve tried snap traps, and got about five kills before the mice started ignoring them. I’ve got an ultrasonic thingie in the attic, but they ignore it, too. I tried a large “tin cat” trap, but all it has in it, night after night, is a lump of peanut butter–no mice.

The wife wants to call in an exterminator ($$$). I’m afraid all he’ll do is put out a bunch of poison. I can do that myself for cheap, but either way, then we’ll have a house full of rotting mouse corpses, just in time for summer. In Atlanta.

Does anybody have any last suggestions before I’m forced to go one of these unpalatable routes? I have found entry points, but I’m afraid if I fill them up, the vamints will just chew around the repairs.

Next thing you know, they’ll find out that I’m going online for help, and start chewing on my computer’s power cor

Milk Carton

April 11, 2006

Whatever happened to the Irate Savant? The comments thread on his last post is worth a long look.

And is he perchance related to this guy?


April 9, 2006

I’m guessing the only reason Steve hasn’t mentioned this yet would be (a) he’s sleeping off a weekend bender, or (b) Preston has him tied up in the basement because of too many creamed beets in his dinner, but either way, Martini Boy was the guest of honor for the inestimable Ed Driscoll’s first podcast.

Check it out, it’s good stuff, and I’m not just saying that because Steve went out of his way to say nice things about me during the interview (but speaking of which, the check’s in the mail). Heck of a start for Ed, and once again, I’m not just saying that because…

UPDATE: Steve here, cuttiing in on Will’s post. It seemed kind of silly to write a new post linking to the same thing. It also seemed rude to ignore Ed. Had a lot of fun talking to Ed, as always. And I should mention that when I first heard it, I had to ask him if he’s ever worked in broadcasting. Nice pipes.

Oh, Great

April 4, 2006

You know what the worst thing about this is? No, it’s got nothing to do with either news or politics. CBS has long since stopped being a credible source of news, and nobody with an IQ above room temperature in an igloo really gives a rip what some morning show fluff-spout thinks about politics. Personally, I could give a rip about who’s on the Today Show and/or CBS Evening News–I haven’t watched either one in well over a decade.

No, the worst thing is that promo-happy CBS will be plastering Couric’s mug all over the screen during SEC football games this season. Can’t Broadcast Sports already inserts inane programming plugs almost literally between every play, and I won’t be surprised if they digitally superimpose The Perky Anchor’s face on the middle of the field, too.


First Bounce

April 4, 2006

Back when I posted a quick review of Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake, I didn’t have the heart to go into detail about why it’s a silly waste of fifteen hours and a bazillion dollars.

Lileks, on the other hand, has no such scruples.