The Dog That Chased High-Definition Bears

Our dog finally noticed the television last week, during a Discovery HD show on brown bears in Alaska:


He followed them back and forth across the screen for a good fifteen minutes, and then looked back at us (doubled over in laughter) as if to say, “Hey , aren’t you two worried about all those bears outside the window?”

I wish I’d had a camcorder. The still picture just doesn’t capture how funny it was. Bob’s still wondering where the bears went…

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  1. Doug Mataconis Says:

    Our dog hasn’t reacted to the sight of other animals yet, but anytime we’re watching a movie that involves animal sounds of any kinds, it sets him off on a barking fit that lasts at least 5 minutes. He still hasn’t figured out that the sound is coming from the television, though

  2. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: Dogs, Bears and Video

    “He [the dog] followed them back and forth across the screen for a good fifteen minutes…” — Stephen Green

    I saw cats on Americas Funniest Home Videos, try to paw-down/capture-around-the-proverbial-corner le mans race cars.

    You need to train your dog better.



  3. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier & Stephen Green
    RE: Ooops/Apologies

    Sorry Stephen.

    I thought only YOU would have such poor taste as to paint the walls of your home theater “PINK”.

    How could I have been SO ‘confused’???!??!

    I humbly ask your forgiveness for my presumption……


    P.S. Will…you got ‘issues’…..

  4. TL Says:

    My cats have been doing this since I got a flat panel TV. I now leave the thing tuned to Discovery HD all day on Sunday while I do other projects just to keep them entertained.

    They never payed any attention when I had a tube in the livng room.

  5. Will Collier Says:

    Get a new monitor, Chuck. The wall is yellow.

  6. andy Says:

    Looks more like a warmn, creamy beige over here.

    Now, the aquamarine dog… that’s something different.

  7. Brian O'Connell Says:

    Looks like coral to me. Like the Simpson’s living room.

  8. MegaTroopX Says:

    TL: Aren’t you worried about cat claws scratching up your very expensive TV. Unless there’s no way for them to get up there.

  9. Hugh Says:

    My older brother once had a Sealyham Terrier that liked to watch cat pornography on the nature channels. You know, those shows that show you what animals are really like, and seem to spend too much time showing the animals mating.

    This 25 pound terrier sat down right in front of the tv, and watched with total attention. As the cats started mating, the dog got up on its hind legs and had its nose right into the tv screen!

    On a different topic, I am glad to see that your dog has recovered from having a mouse trap on its face. Hopefully the dog will not assume that REAL bears are as safe as the ones it watches on tv.

  10. COD Says:

    I’m seeing sort of a pink coral wall too – on a brand new laptop.

  11. tefta Says:

    Pink on both the new laptop and even newer PC.

  12. tefta Says:

    See for yourself, Pink Wall, Black Dog

  13. chaika Says:

    Our dog only noticed the TV one time: the end of 2001 A Space Oddysey, when he’s flying through Jupiter’s atmosphere and there are trippy colors and sounds.

  14. mad bikini blogger Says:

    Our cat, Spellbound, used to sit and watch the entire hour of “Daktari”, you know, the one with Clarence the crosseyed lion?
    He’s 16 and a half now and doesn’t watch anything anymore, ‘cept the birds out the window, but that always fascinated me.

  15. Retread Says:

    My cat once climbed the bookcase looking for a bird, having chased it stage left off the TV screen. Hi-def has just encouraged the rascal.

  16. denise Says:

    Warm, creamy beige, like Andy said, but leaning slightly toward peach.

    When I first got my cat, there was a Pepsi ad with geese flying in the formation of the Pepsi logo. She was transfixed. She also watched David Letterman, but only the monologue. When he went to the desk, she lost interest.

    My husband’s cats sometimes enjoy college basketball on tv. (For all I know, they might like NBA too, but I can’t stand it, so they’ll never get a chance to find out.)

  17. jaymaster Says:

    Not to hijack another thread here, but this is a good lesson in the importance of monitor calibration. You folks are probably all correct in describing the colors you are seeing.

    Monitors vary significantly in the colors they display. And their display properties can change over time. In fact, the apparent color you observe can even change with different lighting conditions in the area where you view the monitor.

    If you want to see the

  18. Michael Says:

    Tell me.

    Why should I care about “pink” walls?

    The dog looks good, by the by.

  19. Ruth H Says:

    I like the color of the walls, they are the same as mine, the same sunset glow we get here in our woods in South Texas. As for dogs and TV, our 14 year old yorkie used to react to sounds of animals on TV and watched dog shows with me. Now she cannot hear but while watching the Dog Whisperer on big widescreen plasma TV Friday night she reacted to the pack of big dogs he showed. She really wanted to get a better look, guess her eyesight is better than I thought.

  20. philw Says:

    I’m shocked.
    Never thought of Will as a Metrosexual with those girly mon wall colors.

  21. verkan Says:

    As long as I can pick the A/V equipment, my wife can paint the walls any color she wants.

    yellow, peach/biege… all the same to me…..just background noise.

  22. Right Wing Donn Says:

    I have a friend who has an orange cat that likes to chase the tennis balls on TV. It makes the 4 opens quite entertaining!

    However, when it’s a bear . . . you’re messing with the dog’s evolution by laughing! KatManDo. DogManDon’t. Humans just don’t get it. signed, the Dog

  23. rbj Says:

    you should get your dog an advertising gig with the tv company. “So lifelike it even fools a dog.”
    OK, the marketing guys can come up with the slogan.
    And with a big-assed HD tv, who cares what color the walls are. Just turn the lights down low.

  24. tcobb Says:

    As I understand it, dogs can’t really see an image on the old style CRT type TVs. We can see things there because of our “persistence of vision.” In reality a CRT just presents a single dot which races across the screen back and forth and up and down at a very high rate of speed. We see an image. Dogs just see a bright dot moving at high speed. I assume that the flat screen technology works much differently.

    Good Lord. Will this new technology result in obese couch potatoe pooches who are addicted to watching the Animal Planet channel? Ah–the Law of Unintended Consequences rears its ugly head again.

  25. Karen S Says:

    My dog Ralph used to chase the moose in the opening credits of Northern Exposure. The TV was in the family room, he’d “chase” it to the kitchen and around through the living/dinning room and back into the family room. Then he would race through at least 2 more times to make sure the moose was gone.

  26. richard mcenroe Says:

    Too bad Mrs. Will didn’t have a camcorder the first time Will noticed the HD TV during the Girls of Hawaiian Tropic special…

  27. Pursuit Says:

    Will, if that becomes a problem, you can always send the monitor my way.

  28. skippy Says:

    i had a cat that loved to try to catch the basketball players on tv, even just regular old tv before flat panels and hi-def. that was many years ago.

    now i have cockatiels. one bird in particular loves to watch the superbowl with me every year.

    my pets like sports more than i do.

  29. AkRonin Says:

    My two pugs do the same thing, only with horses.

  30. Kevink Says:

    Why is it that when a woman sees a flat surface she has to put something on it?

  31. Old Grouch Says:

    TBIFOC has been covering this with respect to cats.

  32. Dan Collins Says:

    Uh . . . where DID the bears go?

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