Oh, so this is why they’re called “the stupid party.”


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  1. Joe Edmon Says:

    The sad thing is I won’t know if you are talking about Democrats or Republicans until I click on the link.

    Hastert has destroyed 6 years of hard Republican work in one day. Idiot.

  2. Chris Black Says:

    Another sad thing is the spelling of the post: “Revalation”

    Sheesh guys….

  3. El Duderino Says:

    Sadly this probably means 8 years of that shrill harridan HRC as POTUS. That won’t be all that amusing, but maybe after that if there is still a Republic the GOP might remember WTF they

  4. M Says:

    Where is Vodkapundit?

    Where is Vodkapundit?

    We miss him and we’re worried!

  5. Sean Says:

    So, congressmen are above the law. I already knew that… my memory’s refreshed, though.

  6. Julie (Synova) Says:

    I don’t have an opinion about Bush sealing the records for 45 days, I sort of wonder if someone on the prosecution end of it asked him to in hopes of avoiding having the whole case thrown out at a later date. That’s the sort of thing that would happen on television courtroom drama, right?

    As for Congress: Do *any* of them want to be re-elected?

  7. richard mcenroe Says:


  8. JD Says:

    I have to confess, watching the GOP follies of late is like watching a slow-motion car wreck – somewhat gruesome but entertaining at the same time.

    I cannot believe they are going to attempt to run on the basis of “reform” in the next election.

    Perhaps it will be something along the lines of “vote GOP, and we’ll promise to attempt not to $@#* things up any more than they already are.”

    “Oh, and se habla espanol.

  9. David March Says:

    What I recall of the U.S. Constitution’s constraints on law enforcement in relation to elected members of Congress and the Senate is (1) that they are not to be arrested while en route to plenary sessions of their respective legislative bodies (as distinguished from simply being en route to their offices…) and (2) that they can not be questioned in any other place (i.e., they are not accountable to anyone) for anything they say on the floor of the House or Senate.

    If there is some constitutional, or even legislated special immunity for the offices of Congressional Representatives or Senators, I’d like someone to link to a reference. In addition, if I’ve mis-stated the first two items, I welcome corrections.

  10. Will Collier Says:

    I *knew* I should have looked that up…

  11. jw Says:

    it seems to me that if the executive branch asks the judicial branch for a warrant to look at the legislative branch then the checks and balances have been observed. any two branches can look at the third.

    congress needs a little “congressional oversight”.

  12. tim maguire Says:

    I thought the Democrats were the stupid party. The Republicans are the evil party. No matter, they seem to tread on each other’s turf a lot these days.

    I’ve been waffling for a while on the issue of sitting out this election to teach the Republicans a lesson. I couldn’t quite embrace it because of national security–the Republicans are at least trying. But now, what’s the greater danger–taking a break from the war on terror and risking losing ground or letting politicians declare themselves above the law?

    The Republican’s well of good will for their prosecution of the war on terror is starting to run dry.

  13. Pro Libertate Says:

    We just need to stop letting these jackasses stay in office more than one term. Either through the vote or by law/Constitutional amendment. With about five exceptions in both houses, I can’t think of anyone we couldn’t “afford” to lose. Good riddance.

  14. Tracy Coyle Says:

    Time to hit the reset button and send them all packing. Congress has collectively lost their mind. We get a proposal for a $100 voucher because of high gas prices – exactly where does that $100 come from? We can’t call illegal immigrants criminals because it might be racist. We can’t seize the records of someone caught, on video, of accepting a bribe after months of asking pretty please? The leader of another nation comes onto our soil and tells us we can’t put a barrier on our soil?

    One final thought: If we re-elect any of them, stupid is as stupid does…

  15. David March Says:

    Maybe some of us who are disappointed with the performance of the current crop of elected idiots should run for office.

    At least it would take a few years before the newly elected ones learn to loot as efficiently as the ones who’re now guarding the cookie jar.

  16. Sandy P Says:

    I’ve just sent an email to my congresscritter and told her if she votes for the senate monstrosity, 2 less votes in November.

    I also told her that if the stupid party is banking on scaring us w/Evita, it’s not going to work w/me.


    After reading that, I dispensed with the glass and now I’m drinking straight from the bottle….

  18. Grokodile Says:

    I read this…

    “Our government has not faced such a dilemma in more than two centuries,” Bush said in a statement.

    Does it strike anybody else as odd that Bush doesn’t realize all the quasi-legal dilemma’s he’s caused in the last few years?

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