… And There Was Much Rejoicing

Tony Barnhart, by far the best college football writer in the country, has a blog.

For those who don’t know who aren’t familiar with Barnhart, I’m reminded of what the gate guard at Edinburgh Castle says to tourists after he points out the statues of William Wallace and Robert The Bruce: “If ye don’t know who they are, I’m nae goin’ to tell ye!”


3 Responses to “… And There Was Much Rejoicing”

  1. Joe Edmon Says:

    Speaking of football, how’s Steve’s humoungous freaking plasma screen TV doing?

  2. edgr Says:

    Speaking of Steve, where is he? Any news on {where he is|why he’s not blogging|when he’ll be back}?

  3. PSGInfinity Says:

    He’s likeley having a bad hair day…

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