Dubya is in Baghdad:

President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq on Tuesday to meet newly named Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discuss the next steps in the troubled, three-year-old war.

It was a dramatic move by Bush, traveling to violence-rattled Baghdad less than a week after the death of terror chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in a bombing attack. The president was expected to be in Baghdad a little more than five hours.

Is it just me, or is the AP’s Terence Hunt going considerably out of his way to accentuate the negative in his story?


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  1. Mikey NTH Says:

    It’s not you.

  2. erp Says:

    I don’t like this. It’s way too dangerous for Bush to put himself in harms way.

  3. chaika Says:

    Couldn’t he have worked “despite record fuel prices” in there somewhere?

  4. rbj Says:

    What, Hunt mentioned the Thanksgiving trip but didn’t say “plastic turkey”? He must be slipping.

  5. Sandy P Says:

    erp – it’s a win-win – Cheney becomes pres, appoints Rudy, steps down, new vp is ?????

    and we’re off to the races!

  6. Mike Says:

    So, have you ever seen an “UNtroubled” three year old war? Can he name one? What puffery! Although, bulls**t might be more accurate.

    An, to think they call this reporting…

  7. TF6S Says:

    Maybe he brought him a plastic turkey?

    The Kossacks have to be going nuts today. No Rove, no quagmire…

  8. TF6S Says:

    Crap. I see someone already dropped the turkey joke…

    My bad!

  9. aaron Says:

    “Despite record fuel prices…”

    That’s awesome. I think I might have to make a post with that as the title.

  10. plainslow Says:

    At least we can find him. OBL won’t even aswer questions the same week, let alone show up anyplace known. Not much of a legend if you can’t show yourself.

  11. sulizano Says:

    Not that I don’t love you, Will, but, will VP ever return?

  12. VoteForBushAgainDumbass Says:

    Why didn’t he announce his visit ahead of time? Why not travel in a presidential convoy so he can wave to the adoring, grateful, and freshly-democratized populace?

    After all, it

  13. Jon Thompson Says:

    Oh, you silly. Bombs aren’t guided by prayer!

  14. Robb Says:

    Chicken_101 (Application software-search tags;[USA])…okay, maybe pantyhose fit terrorist profiling to the letter of the law.

  15. Sandy P Says:

    — C

  16. Arnold Says:


    Your straw man needs a little more stuffing.

  17. El Duderino Says:

    The MSM is like our local tv weather man, they puff everything up so that you you stay tuned at the expense of their own credibility. When they say 6-8 inches of snow expect a dusting, when the say a dusting don’t bet on seeing a flake. With the MSM this only works when they report on things GOP or Conservative. If they predict a GOP loss of 12 seats in congress, expect the GOP to gain four. If they say the Dems might lose 6, it’s a safe bet they will lose 16.

  18. Aaron of the Desert Says:

    The MSM ignored anything positive that happens to the GOP while puffing up anything negative, just like EL Duderino said, if the MSM says that the Dems will gain 4 seats expect them to lose 10. It is almost expectable to see their negative views on the GOP.

  19. Julie (Synova) Says:

    Expectable… I like it. 😉

  20. Stephen Kohls Says:


  21. triticale Says:


    Would anyone dmit to being procipatible?

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