Feeling Comcazzzztic

This is why I have a satellite dish.

[Don’t you also have a cable modem? –Ed.] Yes, but not from Comcast. And what have I told you about ripping off Kaus?


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  1. erp Says:

    I have many stories like that over the years living in different parts of the counrty, but finally I can say something nice about our cable company, Bright House and road runner internet service in central Florida. I am knocking on wood as I type. They provide a good product at not too exorbitant a price. Tech support is knowledgeable and speaks English.

    Amazing, but true.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    I’m also with BrightHouse of Central Florida, and: me, too.

    The only thing about them that I absolutely loathe is their use of the Scientific Atlanta cable box/DVR, which is an utter piece of crap. I did hear that Scientific Atlanta was bought by someone (Cisco?) so if we all work together and destroy the evil SciAtl boxes, maybe they’ll be eventually replaced by something decent.

    I mean, what kind of nitwits offer 20GB DVRs as their sole solution; DVRs that have almost every box interface disabled? I mean, they have data interfaces on the back (FireWire? Can’t recall) that are turned off, so you couldn’t expand the storage if you wanted to.

  3. Cindermutha Says:

    I have Bright House in central Florida as well. The internet is awesome, but I agree about the DVR boxes. But now we’ll be getting pop ups on our tvs touted as Interactive TV. I hope we can turn them off.

  4. erp Says:

    We love our DVR, also a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300, but we’re not really savvy about electronic gadgets, so perhaps the service could be even better. I rarely watched TV prior to the easy taping feature which allows you to preset and tape 80 hours of shows.

    BTW – Is the Green family okay? I’m starting to worry about them.

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