Beauty. Everyone Say, “Beauty.”

The Blogfaddah makes a “Strange Brew” reference.

That’s beauty, eh. You really can’t get enough Bob & Doug if you ask me. And for more Canadian comedy, click here, you knob.


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  1. ed Says:

    Young Will

    You are older than your age.


  2. Will Collier Says:

    I was one of the approximately 7 people who actually saw “Strange Brew” in a theater–and I’m talking first-run here, not a midnight revival…

  3. COOP Says:

    I’m another one of the seven!

  4. andy Says:

    I’m not one of the seven, but I did watch them on SCTV and also recently went back and listened to their Great White North album through the magic of Rhapsody. Sadly, I was missing the liner notes that would have allowed me to, once again, participate in their mock conversation.

  5. DM Says:

    Moranis and Thomas working together again was one of the many good parts about the Disney picture “Brother Bear”

    I also saw “Strange Brew” in theater, including the bit after the credits. “It’s not over, eh!”

  6. Pursuit Says:

    coo loo coo coo, coo loo coo coo!

  7. richard mcenroe Says:

    Hey, if I want Canadian comedy, I’ll watch an American sitcom…

  8. robert Says:

    caught it at midnight movie the week it was released.

    was also the first dvd purchased

  9. Additional Blond Agent Says:

    “You take it!”

    “No, you take it, eh!”

  10. Freeman Says:

    “I gotta pee so bad I can taste it.”

    “And there’s an octopus on the ice!”

  11. steep Says:

    You should know that nobk is spelled with a “K”.
    N O B K, silent K.

  12. surf Says:

    That’s it Steep, I’m takin’ you to the Loony Bin…

  13. Bob Says:

    It made over $7,000,000 in 1983. Say $5 per ticket, that is about 1,500,000 people. Not great but not horrible.

    The first 5 minutes or so of the movie is the funniest opening ever.

  14. Shawn Says:

    Jeez, I thought my buddy and I were the only ones to see “Strange Brew” in the theater back in ’83 (a.k.a. The Summer of Princess Leia & the Gold Bikini).

    “This movie was filmed in ‘3b’; three beers and it starts to look pretty good, eh?”

  15. craig mclaughlin Says:


  16. Mblake Says:

    I grew up watching SCTV and my brother took me to see Strange Brew when it came out. Still one of my favorite movies of all time.

    “Chimp here does the killing. I don’t like to kill.”

    “I did NOT say they were lawyers! YOU said they were lawyers!”
    (watching video surveillance of Bob kicking tires on a car)
    “They don’t look like lawyers to me.”

    And did anyone else get the whole “Hosehead the Dog rolling up the roof” bit?

  17. Mblake Says:

    Correction to above comment: that was DOUG kicking the tire, not Bob.

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