Good Riddance

Underperformin’ Norman Minetta has finally resigned as Secretary of Transportation, and only about five years too late.

Old ladies, toddlers, and various other people highly unlikely to be terrorists but still subject to the tender care of the TSA have called for spontaneous celebrations at airport checkpoints.


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  1. richard mcenroe Says:

    I saw an old lady try to ululate in victory and spit her dentures right past the metal detector…

  2. Bill Rice, Jr. Says:

    President Bush’s support of Minetta is just one of many examples of how Bush values staying on the side of political correctness more than he does fighting likely terrorists.

    Under Minetta and Bush, we couldn’t profile and we’ve always talked about “a war on terror” instead of what it really is – a war on Islamic fanaticism.

    President Bush and Minetta also made it almost impossible to arm pilots in the cockpit, a no-brainer deterrent for would-be suicide pilots.

    As you say, this guy should have been run off years ago.

  3. TJ Says:

    Will they now rename the San Jose, CA airport? I always found it somewhat ironic yet fitting that some of the biggest lines and most ridiculous security measures I’ve ever seen were in the Norm Minetta International Airport.

  4. Janus Daniels Says:

    Your understatement approaches his “underperforming”; such diplomacy disconcerts me. Might you describe the rest of them as “imperfect”?
    Now, we wait for Condi, Rummy, Wolfy, Cherty, Gonzy, Chenney, Rovey… the rest of the shammers… sockpuppet Bush himself… Oh!
    The hope inspires the dream.

  5. DonBodell Says:

    Maybe NOW the pilots carrying guns program will finally get rolling and get those pilots trained and armed!

    Norman Mineta. The only guy who thought a pilot is dangerous with a gun. The same guy who hurtles you down the runway at 250 mph, takes off and accelerates to 375 mph at 33K ft, then lands the plane. And, a gun on the pilot’s hip makes him dangerous.

    Norman Mineta needed to retire a long, long time ago. Like, aftee 9/11/01. Just anothe chickashay demmiecrap doing anothe chickashay job.

  6. Alan K. Henderson Says:

    Good riddance.

  7. Whitehall Says:

    Here in Silicon Valley, going to the airport is often referred to as “catching the Norm.”

    He had also been major of San Jose.

    Our current mayor was just indicted for public corruption charges.

    I’m so sick of stupid politicans.

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