The NY Times rushed Pete Thamel’s story on Auburn up onto their website late yesterday, after the university’s press release and my post on the subject went up. Here’s the link (registration required).

Here’s another link to a Huntsville Times article pointing out a few pertinent facts about the case that Thamel didn’t deign to mention.

At this point I’m basically watching the volleys like everybody else. I will say that accusations from “feuding professors” in the sociology department is easily the least-surprising element of the whole story…


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  1. Rob1855 Says:

    Thanks for the link, Will. The Marshall piece is spot-on.

  2. watsontiger98 Says:

    Another article worth reading is Ray Melick’s column in the saturday Bham News.

  3. TigerBenz Says:

    Do you really think that the Kool Aid drinking athletic supporters of UAT are really outraged at the concept of academic inproprieties? When Tyrone Prothro receives the ESPY tonight maybe we can see his transcript! Juwan Simpson, proclaimed the epitome of the UAT excellence (and honors student in crimnal justice) had his drug possesion charges reduced, but the stolen weapons charge still to be litigated! Do you think they are tired of having to hear Rammer Jammer sang back to them? They can do the “gonna” and the Blue & Orange will take care of the “just”!

  4. Rob1855 Says:

    This is also a good read. From the Dallas Morning News on 12/31/05.


    JB Closner from San Antonio Clark is one of seven Tide players who graduated in May. Southeastern Conference rules require players to pass six hours to be eligible to play in a bowl, and Closner said he found an independent study class worth six hours’ credit.

    “Like a diamond in the rough,” he said of the class, smiling. “Had to write a five-page paper. I was done with that by September.”

    Quarterback Brodie Croyle, another graduate, took the same course. “I kind of slacked up a little bit,” he said, looking at the ground. “I got done in December.” …

    When Croyle was asked who had it tougher, himself or USC quarterback Matt Leinart (who took only ballroom dancing last semester), he said, “Probably him.”

  5. T-Dot Says:

    Holy freaking crap…give it a rest, you guys.

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