A Prediction

Lileks is going to go into jealousy-induced shock when he sees this site.

6 Responses to “A Prediction”

  1. FL Mom Says:

    Whoa. That site is a riot. And it’s even funnier that I’m looking at it while my kids are playing with my Star Wars toys from 1978 (just brought in from storage). 🙂

  2. rbj Says:

    You’re letting kids play with those valuable collectibles? What do you think they are, toys?

  3. donbodell Says:

    You’re right! James Lileks will HAVE to link to this site! It’s so . . . . . Lileks-esque!

  4. Lileks Says:

    Wow: great stuff. The site design, on the other hand, hurts. But that’s a nifty collection, and hats off to him for giving us a great museum.

  5. FL Mom Says:

    Aw, c’mon. The blue & brown wallpaper could only have been better if it were avocado and orange.

    rbj- I think only a couple of our items could be rated as “valuable collectibles.” They were already quite played with back in the day. 🙂 I doubt we’ll leave it out though – too many little pieces!

  6. The Retropolitan Says:

    I’m with Lileks on this one. I think I went wall-eyed from the background.

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