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The most obvious pick for the Secret Senator? Bobby Byrd, the Kleagle of pork, of course. That said, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Trent Lott’s square.

How about you?

UPDATE: This is why I don’t gamble. Senator Secret is Ted Stephens.


28 Responses to “Place Your Bets”

  1. AughtSix Says:

    Both good… I wouldn’t put it past Stevens, however.

    Since you’ve taken my guess (Lott–On your own blog, too. The nerve!), I’ll go for the pork master, Stevens.

  2. Howard Says:

    Stevens was my guess too…

  3. Billy Hollis Says:

    You’ve covered the best bets. If those are taken, as a darkhorse I might nominate Ted Kennedy, just because he thinks he’s politically invulnerable.

  4. Mike Rentner Says:

    Stevens would be my bet too. But then we’re assuming that only one senator is the guilty bastard.

  5. mad bikini blogger Says:

    What about Chuckie Schumer or Harry Reid? They seem underhanded and sleazy enough to pull a gaffe like that.

    I mean, if you’ll attempt to use somebody’s credit against them, what else will you do?

  6. jaymaster Says:

    Whoever it is, I hope Lieberman outs him/them.

    That would be so rich…

  7. Greg Says:

    The Club for Growth is speculating that it’s Stabenow. Tat could be true, but I’m leaning towards Stevens or Lott.

  8. JD Says:

    I don’t believe it’s only one senator doing this – I believe it is two senators, one from each party. Thus, when questioned, they can provide some measure of plausible deniability to the hold.

    My votes go to Stevens and Stabenow, with a close third to Lott.

  9. Kristin Says:

    I’m going with Lott, but I’m likin’ that Kennedy nomination idea. I was getting ready for another era of Massholes (said with love) until Kerry flunked. Maybe Ted’s the savior, the avatar of the gin & tonic with a social conscience.

  10. Captain Ned Says:

    Someone over at Captain’s Quarters cogently opined that it had to be a Democrat because if it were a Republican, they’d already have been outed on national TV.

  11. barrydauphin Says:

    Maybe we can ask Joe Wilson to find out who it is.

  12. BC Says:

    I’m thinking Stevens. But I wouldn’t put it past Lott or Byrd, either.

    Watch, though: it’ll be some backbencher.

  13. DCM Says:

    My money is on Stevens or Murkowski. They hate Coburn for calling out the “Bridge to Nowhere”.

  14. theoldman Says:

    I don’t particularly care which Senate ruminant is responsible for the “secret hold” – I want him outed and strung up by his weding tackle ASAP. The hereditary criminal class (H/T Mark Twain) should be graphically and painfully taught that they work for us instead of vice versa.

    Gonna go rant on this on my blog – I be cheesed now…

  15. mark Says:

    Are these holds bound by rules, or simply ‘honored’ as part of Senate tradition? They’ve done a remarkable job not leaking the name(s.)

    Wouldn’t it be amusing if there were a jointly sponsored bill eliminating secret holds?

  16. mike Says:

    It’s down to either Stevens, Crapo, Gregg, or Hatch, which means of course that it was Stevens.

  17. AughtSix Says:

    Crapo’s out, according to TPMmuckracker.

  18. BD Says:

    I like the Joe Wilson idea …. let’s send him to Niger to see if he can find out.

  19. KG Says:

    I’ll take the field, because I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all of them.

  20. jon Says:

    It’s pretty amazing that people are giving credence to the Senators’ staffers’ refusals regarding this matter. Emphatic denials or tacit denials don’t mean crap if the guy’s a liar.

    This being a secret is not such a big deal. That the proposal isn’t part of every Senate bill says much about the majority’s feelings regarding this bill.

    The “Secret Senator” is a smokescreen. If the Senate leaders wanted this to pass, they’d fight for it. That they don’t fight for it is the real story.

  21. PJ Says:

    Ted Stevens

  22. Ken Begg Says:

    Actually, Byrd’s office has refused to issue a statement one way or the other, and is the last of the Senators of which this is the case. So there’s good reason to believe that Byrd had also placed a hold on the bill.

  23. Furious George Says:

    Byrd also issued the hold. He has subsequently removed it.

  24. Dinah Lord Says:

    Hope you see this in time to get in on some of the weekend College football action…

  25. ss Says:

    Rabbi Belsky is going straight to hell.

    I know this is hard to digest while chugging the kool-aid- but it is true.

    The same is true about Kolko and Marguilues- and about most of our ‘rabbis’.

    You see Judaism has stopped being about Jews or being Jewish and Judaism has now become SOLELY about upholding some fake external mirage; to see who has the biggest hat; or the largest podium-.

    In fact, it is about everything EXCEPT real Jews; real Judaism and Torah M’sinai

    This is a war, it is a war for our children’s very lives and their very souls.

    It is a war not unlike Israel is currently facing with the Islamo-Fascist.

    And this is where my critiques begin-

    How dare anyone start cowering to the fools who feel that your language is not ‘appropriate’ or your tone is not ‘nice enough’.

    They are just as bad as the Dirty Rag-Heads! These

  26. PatrickKelley Says:

    Figures it would be Stevens. Makes me wish for a constitutional amendment to mandate tar and feathering as a punishment for Senatorial misconduct. Boiling hot tar, no clothes.

  27. Becky Says:

    not surprising at all, Stephens and Coburn are feuding.

    what’s up with the above rant?

  28. Sandy P Says:

    Via Instapundit – the hold is back on.

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