Admiral Painter In ’08

I have no idea whether the guy would actually be a good president, or even a good candidate, but you have to admit, the perfect slogan has already been written:



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  1. Greg Says:

    ::snicker:: I’d forgotten about that…

  2. Matt Says:

    He’s a long way from the man I’d pick if I could grow the ideal candidate to order from a vat of stem cells…but he’s also a hell of a lot closer to that hypothetical guy than any other Republican who’s come close to announcing, and indeed closer than most Republican politicians currently alive.

    And the man’s record as an _actual_ public official is even better than the records of the public officials he’s played in the movies. 🙂

  3. bj Says:

    I dig him. I like him much better than any of the schmobags in the pool now, especially on the other side of the pool.

  4. bolivar Says:

    Fred Thompson has had some great roles but, Die Hard might come out on top. I love a guy who just doesn’t put up with bullshit. It is as simple as that.

  5. Some Soldier's Mom Says:

    Yes… I hadn’t considered Thompson until I heard him sitting in for Paul Harvey… and my ears really perked up with the Immigration Rant — excellent! Closer at the moment to anyone else on the trail…

  6. DJB & MPB Says:

    We hope Fred Thompson throws his hat into the 2008 Presidential bid. We need someone like him to help define substantial issues — he’s not just another pretty face. Paul Harvey’s (implied) endorsement is a real plus.

  7. Mike Says:

    Absolutely! I mean, why not? Sen. Thompson’s got as much credibility as any other guy in the race, probably more. And he comes across as no-nonsense and conservative, and he won’t mangle his speeches! He’ll be able to articulate positions well, thus garnering support… heck yeah, run Fred run!

  8. Baeball_Notsy Says:

    Heck yeah. We need his leadership abilities. His no-nonsense approach to government would be ideal in this low life cesspool of mediocrity we call Congress. I would support Mr. Fred all the way. Let’s make Iran make a plan….then they can dump. haha.

  9. Duggan Flanakin Says:

    Fred Thompson – best GOP candidate since RWR – and unless he enters the race (or possibly the old eft), I will be supporting Rudy Giuliana for the nomination … because I cannot stomach John McCain the Manchurian candidate. It would be fabulous to watch Thompson do battle with any of the God and America hating democrats …

  10. B_Family_Friendly Says:

    I heard him speak in early 98 at a lincoln Day dinner and we really thought he was going to run in 2000. I think if W had not stepped up he would have. He gave a great motivational speach that really fired up the crowd. I think the Republicans could easily loose the White House in 08 unless he, or someone else, whom I cannot imagine whom, steps up and out to take the lead and the hearts of the All Powerful conservitive base. We saw just a few months ago what can happen when the Repubilcan base is disgruntled and stays at home. We are only fooling ourselves if we think it couldn’t happen again, God forbid.

  11. Darvin Dowdy Says:

    If GOP folks have some kind of idea that there is a chance for a win in 08 if one of the “Big 3” is nominated [or a Brownback or any of that ilk]they are deluding themselves. If one of these get nominated Texas will go “Blue” in 08:

    All 34 electoral votes will go to the Dem’s. I’m not even certain that Fred Thompson can reverse that trend but his Radio piece regarding the illegal problem and his chastisement of the Mexican gov’t definitely got former GOP voters in Texas thinking about maybe voting GOP again.
    Again, CA, NY and TX are the top 3 states in electoral votes. CA and NY are already Blue. If TX goes Blue then there is “no hope” for the GOP in 08. TX is a battleground state now. (see above link)

    You Northern states had better consider that when you and your legislators approach immigration issues. That is unless your satisfied having Hillary or Obama run this nation for the next 8 years. DD

  12. OrdinaryColoradan Says:

    If you want to know more about Fred Thompson, I have a news blog where I track articcles about him. I generally give a blurb that carries the gist of the article, a comment on what I think (usually a sentence at most – its not a site about me), and a link to the author and article.

  13. spacemonkey Says:

    I’d vote for Fred.

  14. Tormod Says:

    Unofficial draft fred website at:

  15. dfazio2 Says:

    i was for Mayor Giuliani but i don”t like Amnesty for Illegals and other thing also but i could live with those. Maybe i would like to vote Fred Thompson if he runs. I would too know how Fred feels about Amnesty for illegals and them become Americans. Could someone tell me how Fred feels about Amnesty and become Americans.

  16. fred lapides Says:

    Fred T. may well be the GOP candidate because
    1. all their other candidates have horrible backgrounds. Does that matter? yes. Can’t get your own house in order, how will you manage the big one–ours.
    2. He is an actor and thus heir to Ronnie and Arnold
    3. He looks presidential and has played the role in films.
    4. In a little known recent film (about Muslims and humor–Albert Brooks), he plays a state dept guy. Brooks says: I thought you went back to acting. Thompso n says: when you are in politics you are an actor too.
    5. He would get my supplrt but he is, alas, too conserv ative for my tastes and I believe the time has come to repair all the massive damage done these past years to our nation by the fellow now in the White House, you know, they one youare just now beginning to have doubts about.

  17. Ken Says:

    Funny! Though if memory serves, the actual quote says “Ruskies,” not “Russians.”

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