Credit Where It’s Due

After excoriating the management of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune for dumping James Lileks’ column a couple of weeks back, I would be a cad indeed if I didn’t take a moment here to applaud that very same Strib’s decision to do, er, exactly what I said they should do: point Lileks at their online section and turn him loose. As of yesterday, James is now the poobah-in-chief of the Strib-owned, and there is much rejoicing.

It took a little while for them to figure things out, but all’s well that ends well in this case. Congrats to James, the Strib, and their mutual readership–which now stands a much better chance of growing than it did a week ago.


2 Responses to “Credit Where It’s Due”

  1. thatismytruck Says:

    I am amazingly happy about this turn of events. Now I just have to find time during my work day to read five or so entries per day, plus “The Bleat”.

  2. Major John Says:

    And I wonder if we will ever find out if the veritable tornado of reaction from the blog/on-line community had any part of this decision….?

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