Regarding Tony

All right, it’s been a few days since the Sopranos finale. I’ve seen the episode, read the arguments, agree with some points of the criticism (I’ll grant you the denoument was not as satisfying as, say, Fredo’s last fishing trip), but I haven’t changed my initial reaction:

It was brilliant.

The final scene is Tony’s life in full: everything and everyone around him is corrupt, including his family–thanks to his own actions–and every time he looks up, he could see be a bullet, or the feds… or a waiter. It reminds me of the old coaching joke about throwing the football: only three things can happen, and two of them are bad.

Does it even matter which one it was this time?


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  1. rbj Says:

    Compare and contrast the last episode of the Sopranos with the last episode of The Prisoner.

  2. Hucbald Says:

    Rome is the best show HBO ever aired. I’d trade the last three seasons of The Sporanos for one more of Rome. Deadwood was the second moast idiotic show behind The Sopranos.

    Since it was a “write-your-own-ending” kind of ending, I like to imagine Journey singing “stop” cooincided with a bullet entering Tony’s temple – and progressing inexorably through that sociopathic personality of his – spewing his brains all over his entire family. His “real” family.

    I hated Tony. Glad the show’s over.

    Happy ending.

  3. Badda Says:

    “The Prisoner” finale was fun and kookie… and I can see the frustration that fans had with it back in ’68 (or was it ’67?).

    “The Sopranos” finale has plenty of clues as to what is actually going on, as opposed to “The Prisoner” which is much more cryptic. I can still see the frustration the fans have, but there is the additional frustration that other fans (and probably David Chase) has where folks, for some reason, like Tony Soprano.

    That’s where some of the major frustration probably comes from… they want to see what happens to their favorite sociopathic criminal mind.

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