Live Free

John McClaine lives–in London:

Sky News sources say one of the first police officers on the scene of the Haymarket car bomb may have saved dozens of lives by defusing the explosives before the bomb squad arrived.

It is believed the quick-thinking cop recognised that the car was wired to blow up, jumped in and disconnected the trigger device, thought to be a mobile phone.

The device, which contained 60 litres of petrol, a large amount of nails and several gas canisters, was found in the Mercedes early this morning.

Having lived in London during the 90’s and being familiar with Haymarket, I can’t even imagine the sheer carnage this so-far unnamed officer prevented with his quick thinking and sixteen miles (sorry, 25.75 kilometers) of guts. Die hard, indeed.


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  1. Mister Snitch! Says:

    That’s why there will always be an England.

  2. Orion Says:

    Fortunately they don’t make crazed bombers like they used to. Normally there’s a backup circuit that detonates the bomb if you mess with the trigger. He should really have concentrated on evacuating the area and left the bomb to the experts to difuse.

  3. Patrick Carroll Says:

    Dear Orion: Aren’t you just the dog in the manger! The guy saw the chance and took it. Good for him. I’m glad this Oprahfied world still has actual men.

  4. Freddy Hill Says:

    Well, Orion has a point. Without taking anything from the copper’s courage, it is true that sophisticated terrorists make extensive use of bobby traps. This is why in terrorist infested places, cops know not to open a suspected car bomb’s door, or even touch it.

    Again, I think the policeman deserves both a medal and a “don’t do that again!”

  5. bj Says:


  6. Patrick Carroll Says:

    Via Sky News, Fox News is reporting that at least three people were arrested after an SUV crashed into the main terminal at Glasgow airport and then exploded.

    Two “Asian” men fled the car after the explosion and were tackled by police, taxi drivers, and passengers. BTW, in my experience of the UK, “Asian” usualy means “Pakistani”.

  7. Will Collier Says:

    Well said, Freddy.

  8. Mike Says:

    I’ll just point out that it’s really no harder to wire a circuit with a Normally Open switch than it is to wire it with Normally Closed switch. If the switch is Normally Closed, the nbomb goes boom when the circuit is opened – as would happen when a wire is pulled away.

    It’s not even an added boobytrap, it’s just the regular firing circuit…

    Still a heck of a brave move, but please, don’t make it a habit.

  9. rbj Says:

    And now a couple of the terrorists turn out to be doctors. So much for the “terrorists are just a bunch of poor & uneducated folk” theory.

  10. Matt Maynard Says:

    Please check the spelling of his name. I misread that at first as John McCain. Apparently, it should be John McClane.

    Yippie ki-yay, Mr. Falcon.

  11. ErikZ Says:

    First, Bravo for the cop for showing initiative.

    Second, you don’t want to wire a bomb with a “normally closed” switch. All you need is a wire to come loose and *boom*.

    Third, seeing how poorly the previous bombs worked, I don’t think people were in much danger. I think one of them was actually ticketed and towed *after* getting a successful detonation sequence.

    Fourth, what the hell? These were Doctors! These guys are supposed to be the best and brightest Islam has to offer and *this* was they best they can do? No wonder they have an “honor” complex, they fuck up everything they do.

  12. the Boodge Says:

    Western civilization should do a mass deportation of islam from its way of life before its too late! The two don’t mix and this has been proven on many occasions, with acts of TERRORISM being #1!

  13. beth Says:

    When I was in China, your blog site was not available. Do you know why?

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