A Farewell To Delta

I travel a lot on business. I’m on travel right now, in Orlando. Luckily for me, my business this morning was completed ahead of schedule, and as I left my vendor’s office, I phoned Delta Air Lines to move up my return flight time a few hours.

This kind of thing happens all the time; up until Delta joined the ranks of the bankrupt airlines, making a change on the day of a flight was free, assuming seats were available on the alternate flight. A while back Delta tacked on a $25 fee, which was annoying but not a show-stopper. It’s worth $25 for me to not waste half a day waiting on a flight.

Unfortunately, I’ve just discovered that Delta has changed the rules again. Now it’s a $50 fee to make a change, plus another $20 if you make the change over the phone. It’s “only” $50 if you put in for a change on Delta’s web site–but you can’t make a change on the web site if your original booking wasn’t directly through Delta. Like most corporate travelers, I’m not allowed to book directly with an airline, I have to use my company’s contracted travel agency.

I can defend a $25 fee. I’d have a hard time defending a $70 fee, and even if I could, I don’t want to. I’m not going to give Delta any more money for this flight. The original ticket, booked on Monday, was more than pricey enough.

I’m also done with Delta. I’ve been flying Delta most of my life, and I’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles over the years, but this is the last straw. I’ve already cashed in what’s left of my frequent flyer miles, and I see no reason to bother with this pain in the butt of an airline any more, especially if this is how they treat their best customers.

To hell with ’em. AirTran is cheaper, much more accommodating, and unlike Delta, their gate reps and stewardii don’t act like they did you a favor by showing up for work.

So long, Delta. You suck.


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  1. vboscaino Says:

    I concur with your position. We rcently had one of those, one and a half days of hell in JFK trying to leave NY to return to Columbus, OH. Unbelieveable was the only way to describe the experience. It appears that Delta emplyees are all trained to lie first and take care of passengers only as an afterthought. They will not be getting any more of my future travel dollars, and like you I was a long-time regular user of the airline.

  2. Bull Says:

    You sir sound like a spoiled brat who expects something for nothing.
    Your probably the same stuckup pig who gets pissy when they get stuck flying next to someone with a family or maybe your the cronic crybaby who is never satisfied when things dont go the exact way they want.
    I also fly both Delta and Airtran.
    I have never had flight attendants from either airline be rude to me… maybe thats because I show a little respect to others.
    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  3. Dr. Weevil Says:

    If you want to brag about showing respect to others, Bull, you should probably try doing so in your comments on websites. Otherwise you kind of contradict yourself.

  4. McGehee Says:

    Will, try Midwest or Frontier. I haven’t flown either of them but my wife has and raves about both.

  5. sgarbato Says:

    maybe young will is just jealous that he didn’t get singled out by delta for his revealing clothing?

  6. Shaprshooter Says:

    You’re just NOW noticing this?

  7. azlibertarian Says:

    I’ve got another perspective, which turned out to be much too long to qualify as a comment. I put it up over at my humble house.

  8. azlibertarian Says:

    Sorry about that hyperlink. Try this URL…


  9. Bull Says:

    I think your right Dr. Weevil.

    My apology’s!

  10. Becky in Ohio Says:

    Will, Welcome to the reality of living in a Delta hub. Because of them, Cincinnati has the highest airfare in the nation. Which is all the more impressive considering that the airport isn’t even in the city its named for…
    I live halfway between the Dayton and Cincinnati airports. I ALWAYS fly out of Dayton. I book travel at work. The corporate travel booking agency always flies Delta. Most people here hate Delta.
    And the company keeps asking for ways to cut back budgets. I would suggest the obvious, but….

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