Dr. Butt, Your 9:30 Extraction Is Ready

From the UK Daily Mail:

A muslim dentist made a woman wear Islamic dress as the price of accepting her as an NHS patient, it is alleged.

Omer Butt is said to have told the patient that unless she wore a headscarf she would have to find another practice.

Later this month, Mr Butt will appear before a General Dental Council professional misconduct hearing, which has the power to strike him off.

Now, let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s not really a stuck-in-the-seventh-century Islamic nutbag. It could be that he’s just awfully irked about being named “Mr. Butt.” Go ahead, read all those references to “Mr. Butt” in the article without snickering–I dare you.

Alternately, perhaps he’s just peeved that the Daily Mail didn’t refer to him as “Dr. Butt”: “I didn’t spend three years in Islamic Fanatic Dental School to be called ‘mister,’ thank you very much.”

Ah, well. At least he’s not a proctologist.


8 Responses to “Dr. Butt, Your 9:30 Extraction Is Ready”

  1. sherlock Says:

    He must be the butt of a lot of jokes. what an a$$! I really can’t get behind him!

  2. kestrel Says:

    ‘which has the power to strike him off.’

    As opposed to strike him, repeatedly, around the head and shoulders.

  3. jaymaster Says:

    With his brother Hassan Butt.

    And his friend Kamel Bourgass.

    I detect a trend

  4. Eric J Says:

    As I once said of my Optometrist, Dr. Faget, I admire anyone who can survive 7th grade with that name.

    (His actions here, however are completely revolting, and he should lose his medical license.)

  5. sammler Says:

    In England, practicing surgeons are generally called “Mr.” while GP’s are called “Dr.” You don’t want a “Dr.” giving you surgery; but, because a GP’s office is called a “surgery”, the issue is further complicated.

  6. Kevin Says:

    “Butt” is just a shortening of his name family name, as often happens with immigrants. His real name was Buttmunch.

  7. rbj Says:

    Any relation to the Buttpluggs of Syria?

  8. Assman Says:

    Who has being told you that I am not also the proctologist?

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