Hoist? Check. Petard? Check. Unemployment? Check.

Just wait until Kaus sees this:

Oops. The liberal website Daily Kos is reporting that Fabiani & Lehane is starting to lose union clients because it accepted the AMPTP gig fighting the striking Hollywood writers. The site confirmed that F&L was fired this morning by SEIU Local 99 in Los Angeles (made up of education workers who include teacher’s aides, cafeteria workers and crossing guards) and this afternoon by Change to Win (a coalition of seven top unions including SEIU, Teamsters, and the Laborers).

Take it away, Mickey…


2 Responses to “Hoist? Check. Petard? Check. Unemployment? Check.”

  1. Donut Says:

    I think the larger, more important story from your post is this: Lunch Lady Doris is unionized? WTF?

  2. McGehee Says:

    Lunch Lady Doris is unionized?

    In general, the only people you’ll find employed in a public school system who aren’t either union members or part of a union bargaining unit, are the ones in management-level positions.

    Government is organized labor’s growth sector, now that most people in the private sector realize that unions are bad for the economy.

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