Good News In Middle-Earth

Sorry to disagree with the Blogfaddah, but this is very good news:

New Line and Peter Jackson have resolved their differences and agreed to make The Hobbit (and a sequel).

But before you start searching for your opening-night Gollum outfit … Jackson will executive-produce, not direct or write (which he did with his partner, Fran Walsh).

That’s excellent news. While Jackson is an outstanding producer and production designer, he’s really no great shakes as a director. Compare one of his fight scenes to, say, anything in The Matrix, and c’mon, did we really need that 10,000th closeup of Elijah Woods’ great big eyes? And don’t get me started (again) on his screenwriting.

Hey, Pete: do what Lucas should have done. Hire a top-notch screenwriter, hand him the book, and tell him to listen to Johnathan Demme’s commentary on the Criterian edition of Silence of the Lambs (“what is called for here is slavish devotion to the text”). Then get a great director–you should have your pick–and put your marvelous art and effects departments to work. You run that part; it’s what you do best. Cajole your old cast members to return (as appropriate) and turn everybody loose.

It’ll be marvelous.


7 Responses to “Good News In Middle-Earth”

  1. Robert Says:

    I think Ian Holm is too old now to play the 50-year-old Bilbo, myself, although McKellan would probably do ok as Gandalf again.

    The second movie is a strange idea: cover the period between Bilbo’s homecoming and the LOTR period. 60 years when not a lot was happening, other than Gollum searching for the Ring, Gandalf and Aragorn searching for Gandalf, and Balin trying to re-colonize Moria. Not much to work with, and Hollywood screenwriters to sub for Tolkien? *shudder*

  2. rbj Says:

    And the writers are on strike, so is it going to be farmed out to China? India? Vietnam?

  3. Will Collier Says:

    I hadn’t even thought about that.

    Hey, Pete, need a good scab?

  4. frank martin Says:

    Who cares how old Ian Holm really is? Thats the beauty of CGI, if Speilberg can make a dinosaur walk and Lucas can make a flop eared,jive talking, bell bottomed moron a central character in his movies, then Peter Jackson can make Ian Holm into anything he likes.

    Its just too bad he cant also make a screenwriter and a director who god help us all – can actually edit a movie and leave something out ( Exhibit A – King Kong, which just goes to show you that no amount of CGI can make a sober Jack Black a better actor than 300 million dollars of computer generated pixels shaped like a large improbable ape. )

    I also want to go on record as saying that the 3 hours I spent in the audience of the first “lord of the rings” movie was the longest and most painful non-surgery related time of my life. I would rather pass a spool of barbed wire out of my colon followed with a bleach chaser than be forced to watch that unfilmable ooze again.

    In the words of Roger Ebert; ” I hated,hated,hated” that movie.

  5. GyorgLyquor Says:

    Allan Cumming would make a good Bilbo I think, although they would need to CG a few pounds on him in addtion to making him shorter.

  6. McGehee Says:

    and Lucas can make a flop eared,jive talking, bell bottomed moron a central character in his movies

    That’s no way to talk about Hayden Christensen.

  7. richard mcenroe Says:

    Good, Jackson’s King Kong was a bloated mess.

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