Global Warmening Update

Koo loo koo koo koo koo koo kooooo!  Good day, and welcome to the Great White South!

Snow 1-19-08.jpg

Snow 1-19-08 #2.jpg

This is the second snowfall Atlanta’s had in the last four days, after about seven years without any measurable accumulations.  It’s supposed to keep up until five this afternoon, after which  the temperature is expected to drop into the teens.  

Those of you who are entertained by demolition derbies should Google up Atlanta’s traffic cameras; the sight of Southerners trying to drive in frozen weather is not to be missed. This Southern driver is staying home and breaking out the schnapps, thank you very much.


8 Responses to “Global Warmening Update”

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Whenever I want to see southerners drive in the snow, I can just truck on down to Fort Carson.

    Wednesday, I had to put the Wrangler into 4-low (that’s the rock-climbing gears), just to get my kid to school. Atlanta schools probably close after — what was your phrase? — “any measurable accumulations.”

    Just giving ya a hard time, of course. Enjoy the cold weather while you’ve got it. Things are going to get real hot, any year now.

  2. Will Collier Says:

    When I was a kid, schools closed if there were more than four flakes in the air. I doubt things have changed much since then.

  3. Fausta Says:

    It’s the blogal warmering, I tell ya!

    Darn, I miss Atlanta…

  4. Captain Nerd Says:

    Al Gore is back in the South? We need to find him, hogtie him, and put him up on the North Pole so the Arctic icecap will grow back, and the rest of us can have normal weather again.

  5. mad bikini blogger Says:

    We got some of that up here in Knoxville (TN) a few days ago. I knew we were in for it when I saw the system moving up from the south. We never get hit when it comes across the plateau… mountain shadow or some such nonsense the locals told me about when I moved here… It melted by morning though. Here, they have 1 snow plow that starts in Memphis and works it’s way east! HA!!
    I want more, but it’s almost as sad to watch drivers in it here as it is in Atlanta.

  6. McGehee Says:

    People here in metro Atlanta who have lived in Colorado or (ahem) Alaska are nevertheless wise to stay off the roads in this kind of weather — because it’s not how well you can drive on snow that matters.

    Come to think of it, it’s not how well you can drive on smooth, dry pavement that matters hereabouts…

  7. RNB Says:

    Native Georgian though I am, I had no problem driving around on what snow we’ve gotten the past few days. After this evening, though, all bets are off as the water on our streets will turn to ice with maybe a thin layer of sleet on top. If there is any vehicular amusement to be had Sunday, it will be watching the immigrant Yankees slipping and sliding across the near-frictionless ice as they try to demonstrate to the gormless rednecks that _they_ ‘know how to drive on snow.’

  8. Patrick Carroll Says:

    Is Al Gore in town?

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