Sir Arthur, RIP

As noted in many, many other places (notably including the Blogfaddah), Arthur C. Clarke has died, and not unlike the also recently-departed William F. Buckley, Jr., he passed after a long and exceptionally well-lived life.

I devoured collections of Clarke’s short stories as a kid, and I doubt very much that I would have grown up to become an engineer if not for Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Gene Roddenberry.

And now all three are gone.

May they be enjoying a well-earned drink together tonight, somewhere out there.


5 Responses to “Sir Arthur, RIP”

  1. NukemHill Says:

    To paraphrase Glenn: The world is a poorer place for his passing, but so much the richer for the time he spent with us. Asimov, Clarke & Heinlein. Entire Galactic Empires should be named after them!

    Rest In Peace.

  2. Garrett Says:

    I’d say it was a sad day, but it’s hard, for few men live as long or half as well.


  3. physics geek Says:

    Maybe they’re meeting up for a beer or three with Asimov and Heinlein.

    Asimov, Clarke & Heinlein: We will likely never see such a talented trio of authors again.

  4. Guy S Says:

    “Asimov, Clarke & Heinlein: We will likely never see such a talented trio of authors again.”

    Sadly, ain’t that the truth. How many thousands of youngsters who read their works went on into some sort of technical field, I wonder. (As for myself, I went into the Navy-and aviation electronics/ecm, in part thanks to the above named gents.) To be a fly on the wall at their gathering, in some little heavenly tavern …

  5. Mike Mc. Says:

    Likewise, Clarke, Heinlein, & Asimov opened whole new worlds to develop my inner geek. Starting with Estes model rockets for ant astronauts, to helping build space shuttle trainers at Johnson Space Center for humans….

    Who writes like that today?

    And salut to them all!!!

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