Julieta Quinones Of Memphis Is A Thief

So about three weeks back, I get a call from American Express. They tell me that somebody in Tennessee spent most of a day trying to charge FedEx shipping using my Amex card. I found this to be rather odd, since I haven’t been to Tennessee in about four years (although I must admit, my last visit was awfully fun).

It didn’t take long to figure out that some lowlife had swiped my card number, so Amex canceled the charge and closed the card, and I figured that was that. Then bills from FedEx started showing up, addressed to a “Julieta Quinones” at my address. I’ve never met a Juileta Quinones. Heck, except for the percussionist in the Allman Brothers Band, I’ve never even heard of a Quinones.

So I called FedEx, which advised me to mark through the address on the bills, write “UNKNOWN” on the still-sealed envelopes, and drop them all back in a mailbox. Which I did.

Which brings us to today, when my Amex bill arrived. On it, I found five charges totaling $194.56, all to Federal Express, and all taken out by our pal, Julieta Quinones of Memphis, Tennessee (Amex added them to the fraud file and took them off my account after I called just now). I’d include the people listed as Julieta’s addressees, but nah, let’s just concentrate on the crook.

Julieta Quinones of Memphis, Tennessee (or somebody using that name; there is no such person, as listed by Zabasearch in either Tennessee or Houston, where the zip code she gave Amex is actually located)–is a thief.

Just thought you’d all like to know.


2 Responses to “Julieta Quinones Of Memphis Is A Thief”

  1. Joe Says:

    I don’t understand is why FedEx still shipped the stuff even after Amex refused the charges; and how they still managed to charge your card even after Amex cancelled it. I wonder how many fraudulent charges make it through the system every day that are never challenged by the actual card holder. The system isn’t set up to protect the little people. It seems like whoever screams the loudest gets the money. In all this I have no sympathy for FedEx.

  2. doc Says:

    Isn’t Amex great when it comes to fraud though? We’ve dealt with a few of these through a visa and one with Amex. Visa seemed to take forever to get straight. Amex wiped it clear and told us they were sorry someone had stolen the card. I also think that Amex actually works to catch some of these people. Glad it all worked out.

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