Heads Up

Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that a Hurricane Ike-inspired gas panic has started in the southeast. I’m hearing stories of lines at gas stations, and people emailing their relatives to go fill their tanks tonight before the price spikes tomorrow.

If I may indulge in a bit of easy-for-me-to-say advice: Folks, unless you’re on empty, do yourselves a favor an take the Pill of Chillness. The Katrina panic only lasted a few days (although the price spike beneath it did not–can’t help you there). This too shall pass.

7 Responses to “Heads Up”

  1. arcs Says:

    I haven’t noticed any lines but the price has been spiking in middle Georgia. It’s up 20-25¢ since last weekend.

  2. jaymaster Says:

    I think it’s prudent to fill up your tank now, but there’s no need to get a mob mentality about it.

    This is shaping up to be the most destructive US hurricane in the last 50 years or so.

  3. McGehee Says:

    My wife’s aunt in Chattanooga is worried because she has to do a lot of driving, but I reminded her about how brief the Katrina panic lasted and to just ride it out.

    If she felt she needed to top off her tank before Ike came ashore — all the way down in Texas — then I wasn’t going to be too hard on her. My wife and I will make do with the gas we’ve got. I may even mow the lawn this weekend instead of hoarding fuel.

  4. Good Advice On Gas Spikes « Mountain Shout Says:

    […] were long lines at the pumps and some stations had no gas.  In light of this, here’s some good advice from […]

  5. McLaren Says:

    The bummer is that there are a number of refineries in the Houston area. If those get toasted, this could be bad. But, let’s not slit our wrists yet……

  6. Certain Death « Grand Rants Says:

    […] by some chance you’re reading this and if you live in the area that will be affected, please get out if you still have time to do so […]

  7. Deacon Blues Says:

    No anecdotal evidence here. I stopped at my regular station to fill up at noon today as per usual. There was a line and people were filling up everything they could. 2 people even drove their riding lawnmowers to fill them up. Gas was $3.80/gal, up from $3.60 yesterday. I unloaded my truck ( filled with hay) and went back 2 hours later to fill the truck. Lines were still there and there was an armed security guard standing at the pumps. Gas from the same pump was now $4.00/ gal. I live in East Tennessee near Johnson City. Gas Stations in Johnson City were completely out. I didn’t see a panic like this after Katrina.

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