Not A Coincidence

LA Times: Emmy winners and presenters make biting political remarks.

James Hibberd: 60th Emmys hit all-time ratings low.


5 Responses to “Not A Coincidence”

  1. abykatz Says:

    Those weren’t prunes – they must have been sour grapes.

  2. cft999 Says:

    Not sure we can jump to the ‘not a coincidence’ conclusion.

    Could be … but I suspect it’s far more complicated than that.

    I will say this whole trend is exhausting. It’s like inviting a guest over to dinner and he/she launches into a political diatribe sure to alienate half the crowd. Simply courtesy tells you not to do it … why do celebs feel compelled?

  3. Colin Says:

    cft999 …why do celebs feel compelled?

    1. It’s a forum of the relatively like-minded, and they feel comfortable playing the moral superiority card.

    2. It endears them with the elite opinions in Hollywood who write their checks, helping that much more in their next gig.

    3. It has become so expected that there is virtually no blow-back from the public in terms of popularity. The public issues ‘Get of out Jail Free’ cards at the door. They have nothing to lose, and much to gain by opening their mouths and ignorantly commenting on the issue of the day.

  4. bpenman Says:

    Word for the day: Narcissism

    These people may not have been born narcissists, but by the time they make it on to the Emmy stage, with all those cameras, microphones and drooling minions, they end up narcissists.

    The part that is hard for me to swallow is their belief that they are right, and you are wrong. There is no gray area. There is no discussion. Their view is CORRECT.

    The way they talk to us is enough to make me scream. But then, why bother? I don’t have a stage, a camera, or a microphone reaching out to millions on drooling minions.

  5. bigern Says:

    I’ve basically given up taking anyone associated with Hollywood or the media as having a functioning brain.

    There are a few “alive” ones out there but they are few and far between. Most of the time they get hog tied into a corner because they offer an alternate view that actually expects the general American population to “think” on their own.

    I’m a firm believer that the more this country falls into a financial crisis the more the general population will fear Obama trying to steer it clear of a total disaster. (notice I said “total” since there’s most likely a disaster looming..the scale of it is TBD)

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