The Airing Of Grievances

File this one under Movies That Should Have Been Released In 2008, But Weren’t:

Indiana Jones and the Call of Cthulhu.

Discuss amongst yourselves–but not until after the Feats Of Strength.


5 Responses to “The Airing Of Grievances”

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Star Wars: Episode VII — George Lucas Torn Apart by Wookiees Until He Apologizes for the Prequels.

  2. jaymaster Says:

    As my feat of strength, I hoisted 80 pounds of rum and coke tonight!

    My grievance is against myself, because I can’t figure out how to describe that feat with an equation. Arggghhh.

    I drank three drinks, each drink containing 12 oz Coke (diet, caffeine free) and 2 oz rum (Bacardi dark). The glass weighed 8 oz. Each sip was about a half ounce, so it took me on average 28 sips to consume each drink.

    By brute force, I calculated it this way (assuming the Coke and the rum both met the “a pint’s a pound the world around” rule, which is surely close enough):

    The first sip, I lifted 22 oz (12+2+8), the second 21.5, then 21.0, then, 20.5, 20, 19.5, 19, etc., down to 8.5 oz (the last .5 oz of drink, plus the 8 oz weight of the glass).

    So that adds up to 427 oz per drink. Three drinks = 1281 oz, divided by 16 = 80.06 pounds.

    Quite the feat of strength!

    But I’ve spent an hour trying to work up an algebraic formula for that, and just can’t connect the dots.

    Can anybody out there give me a clue?

  3. rosignol Says:

    Only one of the last 15 posts features a photo of Christina Hendricks.

    You don’t realize how habit-forming she is until you try to cut back.

  4. NukemHill Says:

    My Feat of Strength:

    jaymaster. It’s going to be a summation, with the index controlling a number that is subtracted from a constant for each addition.

    {3 * (sum(from i=0 to 27) [22 – (.5)*i])} / 16

    Or something like that. Hard to represent in plain text.

    Airing of Grievance:

    Will–anything other than Crystal Skull. Watched it a couple of weekends ago, and was amazed at the lack of anything approaching believability. I’m fine with out-there premises. Absolutely loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. Saw it recently (for probably the 100th time for me) with my eldest son, and reconfirmed in my mind that it is truly one of the top 5 movies in my all-time favorites list.

    But Crystal Skull was enormously painful. I can’t even recount all of the huge physical errors, and simply logical gaps in that movie. I’ve really tried to just shove the whole experience out of my head!

    I’m even more disappointed in that movie than in the Star Wars prequels. I wish it could be expunged from reality.

  5. jaymaster Says:

    Damn, I never thought about a summation. But that is the way to go. My brain has been spoiled by spreadsheets.

    Now as far as the grievances go, I haven’t seen any of those movies yet (gotta wait till they show up on HBO or Starz or such).

    But you guys are apparently in agreement with the South Park folks. Apparently, that anal rape scene was warranted…

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