Four Pounds of Backbacon, Three French Toast, Two Turtlenecks…

… and a beer–on TV.

Okay, so it’s not on TV, but it is on a computer, eh:

Beauty. Everyone say, “Beauty.”


2 Responses to “Four Pounds of Backbacon, Three French Toast, Two Turtlenecks…”

  1. btman Says:

    I’ve been waiting to see if this was for real since I happened to catch a pilot/trailer for the series on a DVD of Strange Brew that I happened upon. Apparently this pilot dates from 2003 and features Rick Moranis, but the series never got greenlit until (it seems) just now. And the voice in the series is Dave Coulier, not Moranis (though Moranis is still involved as an exec-producer or some such).

    Could be funny; could be dreadful. As long as it’s better than the painful animated Jay & Silent Bob series, though, I’ll cheerfully say “beauty”.

    (Oh, and I was just running my Scooba this afternoon, and it had just finished a run when I saw the end of this video. Nice.)

  2. J Foster Says:

    It saddens me to say that this (and the forthcoming series) look terrible. It’s probably doomed to fail, and not just because it’s about twenty years too late. What made Bob and Doug funny was all the goofing on Canadian culture, and the only people who get a kick out of that are Canadians and people in the US who have spent time around Canadians. It might play well in Toronto and Buffalo, but to a large portion of the US (the ones who call toques ‘beanies’ and have never heard of hockey) the humor will fall flat on its face. Not to mention that the jokes in the trailer just felt stale and forced. Hate to say it Stephen, but the Twelve Days of Christmas was better without the bad Flash accompaniment (but at least I saved my ‘bah humbug’ moment for the 26th).

    I also have to disagree with the previous commenter as I and everyone I know thought the Clerks animated series was hilarious. We were righteously pissed that ABC did everything within their power to kill it.

    Wishing you all a happy and manageable hangover.

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