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We Have A New Champion

June 29, 2008

Early this month, I gave Martini Boy a fifth of my then-favorite clear grain spirit, the outstanding Square One, which is an “organic” rye vodka made in Idaho. Right up until this weekend, I was convinced (and I think Steve agreed) that it’s one of the smoothest, if not the smoothest vodka I’ve ever tried. It’s also one of the pricier brands (short of the really esoteric stuff), weighing in at around $40 a fifth in your average package store.

That was then. This is now.

Tito’s Handmade is distilled from corn, and produced in a little shack outside of Austin by a guy whose real name is Tito Beverage–all of which led me to believe that it would resemble lighter fluid more than a top-shelf brand. The only reason I picked it up on Friday is, I used to live in Austin and got a kick out of the idea of having a bottle of vodka made there.

How wrong I was.

Not only can it go toe-to-toe with Square One in flavor and smoothness, Tito’s gets a big tough-economy thumbs-up for costing less than half as much. Check it out, and if you’re in a state with no sales on Sundays and can’t get to the store today, click here in the meantime for a really great article about the origins of Tito’s from a few years back in the Austin Chronicle.


If Only Bloggers Had Managing Editors…

February 14, 2005

Regarding Steve Lovelady’s ultimate reply in the comments yesterday, I think Martini Boy summed it up pretty well. No actual answers, just spin, invective, sneering and outright mistakes. Case in point, Steve (Lovelady):

And Andrew Sullivan, having never done it, knows about as much about writing a news story as I know about being an astronaut.

The quote wasn’t from Andrew Sullivan, it was from Andrew Ferguson, who’s been committing journalism for longer than I’ve been alive. He wrote it for Time, where you were (if I have the timeline correct) an editor-at-large when it was published in 1998.

Reading is fundamental, as they say.

NOTE: I’ll have a response to Jay Rosen’s new post sometime today. It’s an interesting question that deserves a better answer than I’m able to dash off at the moment. In the meantime, I encourage readers to check out Jay’s site (if you haven’t already, you’ve missed a lot), and post your own answers here, there, or on your own sites, if you’re so inclined.

LUNCH BREAK UPDATE: Never mind on getting that post in today. If my chicken-scratched notes are any indication, I’m not going to have the time to give Jay’s question the answer it deserves until tomorrow at the earliest. Between my real job and Valentine’s Day (the Mrs. would be a tad upset if I were to spend this evening in front of my computer), it ain’t gonna happen before Tuesday. Hopefully the end result will be worth the wait.

You Never Can Tell

November 15, 2004

Trolling through the recesses of the Blogosphere, you run into some pretty strange stuff. Take this yahoo, known as “Irate Savant.” He’s either the most simultaneously pompous and pathetic tool on the planet (he claims to be a misunderstood genius, but his job is antique store clerk), an utter loon, or a shameless con artist.

Any which way you choose, it’s pretty darn entertaining reading, but way out on the weird side. The comments are a real hoot; the Savant’s readers aren’t shy about pointing out his shortcomings. A strong tolerance for high-fallutin’ language is recommended…

All Apologies

November 3, 2004

Sorry for bailing on you folks (and Steve) so early in the evening. Technical difficulties like you would not believe; both my router and my cable modem croaked. Still playing catch-up, and on very little sleep at that.

Still. Bush won, and even Kerry’s lawyer army knows it by now. I expect a concession by dinnertime today at the latest.

Wine Selection

November 2, 2004

Tonight’s bottle, for dinner and early return watching: Santa Cristina Sangiovese, 2002. Because it was the first thing I found in the cabinet.

Oh, and just for the record tonight: I’m not getting paid enough to listen to either Chris Lehane or Paul Begala. They show up, I change the channel.

This Is Not A Battleground, But…

October 27, 2004

For the first time in a presidential election year, Georgia is allowing early voting–and it’s a smash hit. According to the local fish-wrapper, two-hour lines have been the norm in metro Atlanta since early voting began on Monday. Two observations:

1. There isn’t a competitive race in Georgia this year above the state legislature level. George W. Bush and Johnny Isacson (U.S. Senate) are both lead-pipe cinches to win the state, and by considerable double-digit margins.

2. Regardless of observation #1, state officials are expecting a turnout well in excess of the previous record (72%) for this election.

Michael Barone or Larry Sabato could tell us for sure, but I think I’m safe in assuming that nobody alive has ever seen turnout like this for an American election. I think I’m also safe in assuming that nobody alive knows how to poll or predict the outcome of that kind of election.

If Georgia polls over 75-80%, with both national races clearly in the bag, what will the lines be like in Ohio or Florida, or other places where the outcome is seriously in doubt?

It’s gonna be an interesting six days–and maybe six weeks.

Airport Drunkblogging: The Lightning Round!

October 15, 2004

So, I’m reading through the comments on my airport whining post (the gate agent was right, I didn’t make the 2:05), and stumble across a reader who opines,

“I’d much rather be stuck at the airport – drinking – than here at work.”

I immediately slap myself on the forehead–why the hell aren’t I drinking?!?–and scuttle off in search of the Hyatt bar. Now, with a double Crown Royal in front of me, I commence my first VodkaPundit drunkblog adventure–in the next 30 minutes before I have to head back into the security line.

First up (big sip): My favorite feature this season is “For Argument’s Sake,” a weekly discussion between Ivan Maisel and Gene Wojciechowski. This week’s edition is a gem, and not just because Ivan and Woj are throwing all kinds of love towards my Tigers.

This is a cheap and tawdry way to beat my own drum, but what the heck–I’m drinking. I spent three years in the late 90’s blogging before I’d ever heard the word; this column was my favorite out of that run.

I’m sorry and embarrassed to say that I don’t know what happened to the child referenced in the column, but my sentiments remain unchanged.

In casting around for blogfodder, I have three “old reliables” for material: the Blogfaddah, Lucianne, and Brothers Judd. Orin Judd is so prolific, he makes Isaac Asmov look like a lazy slug. Today’s pick: a great CS Monitor analysis of the Afghanistan elections. A sample:

Far from staying away from the polls, the Afghan voters came out in droves. Instead of being intimidated by threats of violence, villagers walked for miles to the nearest voting station to give democracy a try. Worst of all, from a terrorist’s perspective, the Taliban were unable to deliver on their promise to spread election-day mayhem. In fact, it was the calmest day in recent memory.

Read the rest.

Far be it from me to criticize alcohol-based miracle cures, but this is just plain weird. Sugar Mama Theresa’s getting goofier by the second.

No drinking-related discussion would be complete without a link to the pride of New Orleans, Chris Rose, who’s my personal favorite newspaper columnist. Check out his take on the Presidental debates, and marital relations (trust me, it works).

Ten minutes to go, time for one more drink.

A statement of fact: if the Web had existed when I was in college, I’d have flunked out. No way I ever would have gotten any work done.

I once bought a broken Donkey Kong, Jr. arcade game for $35. It took another $12 and about an hour to fix it (it’s since been traded for the sweet Asteroids Deluxe that graces my den). Makes me just chuckle in an evil fashion at anybody who pays two grand for one of these.

Three sparrows just hopped past me. I am not outdoors. I kid you not, and I’m not drunk enough to be hallucinating.

Think that’s going to do it, time to head for the gate. If I get upgraded, they’ll have to shovel me off the jet…

UPDATE: Rhut-rho. In the security line now–and it’s four times longer than when I was sober. The things I do for easy net access…

Happy Hour With Chris Rose

August 20, 2004

Chris Rose, of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, is one of the best and most unjustly-unknown writers in the country. Think James Lileks crossed with Dave Barry and Lewis Grizzard, except Rose spends more time in bars than with Gnats (in retrospect, that’s a horrible comparison; Chris Rose is just Chris Rose, and his work can stand on its own with no help from me). His columns about a customer revolt involving a long-term waiter at Galatoire’s are already legendary in New Orleans, and an utter delight to read, even if you’ve never been there. They’re fall-on-the-floor funny if you know the city at all (I’d link it in a heartbeat if I could find the complete text; here’s a tiny excerpt from an old blog page).

Here’s a sample from his latest, particularly appropriate for this site:

This scenario is reproduced dozens, hundreds, thousands of times a night in New Orleans. A single drinker at the bar, a touchy-feely couple in a dark corner, an office party in a side booth, a mob of singles clogging up some tony Uptown saloon.

People are enjoying their cocktails, a word so square that it’s hip again. The definition of “cocktail” varies, depending on whom you ask and where you look it up and what year you’re talking about, but suffice it to say it’s a mixed drink, served chilled in a glass, and it packs a punch. This much has been constant since the beginning.

And in the beginning, there was the word.

Although it sometimes seems like New Orleans claims that everything related to poker, music, prostitution and liquor was invented here, the fact is: A lot of it was.

Go make yourself a drink, then read the rest. If this doesn’t start your weekend off right, you’re doing something wrong.

Parrothead Alert and Drink Recipe

May 26, 2004

Jimmy Buffett’s Atlanta show begins in five hours. Drinking (at least my drinking) will commence in approximately one hour. You do the math.

You can listen to the show live at Buffett’s excellent web radio station, Radio Margaritaville. It pains my Mac-user soul to admit it, but the Windows Media stream is by far the best quality of the three options. I’ll be making my own bootleg at home via AudioHijack software. Show starts at 8PM Eastern, for those who tune in, I’ll be the drunk guy yelling out requests from the lawn section.

Tonight’s Parrothead Tailgating cocktail will be the Fruity Rum Drink (TM), invented by Tom Slappey (his real name) in 1995. The recipe, for those of you playing along at home:

Get a large juice pitcher.

Fill up 2/3 of the way with ice.

Pour in one coffee cup full of dark Bacardi rum, followed by 1/3 coffee cup of Malibu rum.

Fill up with Minute Maid Citrus Punch.



Repeat as necessary.

Random Music Blegging

March 5, 2004

Has anybody out there caught one of Eric Johnson’s acoustic guitar/piano concerts? He’s playing Atlanta tonight, and I was wondering if it’d be worth springing for the tickets.

I’ve seen EJ several times in the ‘rock band’ format (outstanding), but I’m not familiar with his acoustic shows. Thanks…