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Global Warmening Update

January 19, 2008

Koo loo koo koo koo koo koo kooooo!  Good day, and welcome to the Great White South!

Snow 1-19-08.jpg

Snow 1-19-08 #2.jpg

This is the second snowfall Atlanta’s had in the last four days, after about seven years without any measurable accumulations.  It’s supposed to keep up until five this afternoon, after which  the temperature is expected to drop into the teens.  

Those of you who are entertained by demolition derbies should Google up Atlanta’s traffic cameras; the sight of Southerners trying to drive in frozen weather is not to be missed. This Southern driver is staying home and breaking out the schnapps, thank you very much.


Jazz Fest, Day 1: Fables Of The Reconstruction

May 7, 2006

Somewhere in the city there’s insanity around
That’s what you get when you bury above ground
The water that flows on past Magnolia Mound
Is what keeps us lost, and we’re never to be found.

Dash Rip Rock

We flew into Louis Armstrong International Airport on Thursday morning, the day before the second weekend of the 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

From the air, New Orleans looks like anywhere else that’s had an encounter with a powerful hurricane in the recent past: blue tarps on roofs, swaths of downed trees, the occasional mass of twisted sheet metal where a warehouse or business has collapsed. I’ve lived in hurricane country for most of my life, and to the eye, approaching from the north, NOLA reminded me of similar damage I’d seen in Orlando, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City.

The drive in on I-10 revealed more destruction, more crumpled buildings, more bent signs, but at interstate speeds (we hadn’t yet experienced one of New Orleans’ now-infamous post-Katrina rush hours), a lot of the sights were still oddly familiar. I’d been through 1995’s Erin and Opal from a waterfront apartment in Fort Walton, and Veterans Boulevard in Metairie today looks a lot like FWB did that fall.

And then, of course, we followed I-10’s eastward curve towards downtown and the French Quarter, and suddenly there it was, the city’s enduring symbol of grandeur, folly, hope and horror.


Up close, you can see recovery work on the Dome is underway.


You try to think about what it was like before the storm. You try to recall how it looked for a bowl game or a concert or a Mardi Gras ball.

You try not to think about what happened inside, the last time it was filled to capacity.


Preview Of Coming Attractions

May 7, 2006

Jazz Fest 2006.jpg

We just got home. Much more to follow.

The Dog That Chased High-Definition Bears

April 23, 2006

Our dog finally noticed the television last week, during a Discovery HD show on brown bears in Alaska:


He followed them back and forth across the screen for a good fifteen minutes, and then looked back at us (doubled over in laughter) as if to say, “Hey , aren’t you two worried about all those bears outside the window?”

I wish I’d had a camcorder. The still picture just doesn’t capture how funny it was. Bob’s still wondering where the bears went…

There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border IV

March 25, 2006

Sorry to have fallen behind on the Cabo San Lucas pictures. Busy week.

Anyway, this is the “cheesy Cabo” installment, which wouldn’t be complete without a shot from Sammy Hagar’s bar, Cabo Wabo:


We apparently missed seeing Hagar play by about half an hour on our first night in town, which would have been fun, but as Homer would say, “What’reyagonnado?” Big thumbs-down to the signature “Waboritas”; probably the worst drinks we had in all of Cabo, and certainly the most expensive. Memo to Sammy: adding Blue Curacao was a really, really bad idea.

Also very cheesy, but (admittedly) fun, was a booze cruise on the Buccaneer Queen, which is basically a floating prop from a bad Geena Davis movie that’s been converted into a tourist trap:


Once onboard, you’re treated to a performance from a bunch of locals in “pirate” gear, which isn’t the worst cheesy floor show I’ve ever seen (at least as long as they were serving complementary drinks):


During the cruise, we went by Pedregal, apparently the vacation home of many, many very rich and famous types. If you can believe a bunch of Mexican tourist-show pirates, the houses in this picture are owned by, among others, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, and Sylvester Stallone:


And last, but certainly not least… I don’t normally take requests, but when Den Beste calls, you gotta accept the charges. Spring Break is one of Cabo’s busy seasons, and it was just getting started when we were in town. I note for the record that my wife pointed out this boat to me as we were on our way back into the harbor:


There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border III

March 15, 2006

We stayed at Solmar, which is one of the oldest hotels in Cabo San Lucas, and the last resort before Land’s End on the Pacific Ocean side of Baja California:


Quite nice. I always approve of pools with swim-up bars. If you walk down to the beach from the pool and take a left, you’ll see these rocks on the southern end of Playa Solmar:


… and here’s the view at the shoreline:


If there were only a half-submerged Statue of Liberty in the water, you’d spontaneously yell, “YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!!!”

There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border II

March 14, 2006

Our favorite stop in Cabo was the Monkey Business Bar, in a little cove off the main drag:


Courtesy of bartenders Ricardo and Victor…


… here’s a recipe for the Best Damn Margaritas, Ever:

2 shots Don Julio Blanco Tequila (if you ever drink Jose Cuervo, you deserve what you get)

1 shot Damiana (a local delicacy in Baja)

1 shot Controy

squirt of Madrile

There’s A Sleepy Town, South Of The Border

March 14, 2006

I wasn’t able to fill in while Steve was sick last week because, er, I was busy drinking and swimming and generally having a good time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

El Arco.jpg

More later…

Good News, Bad News

November 11, 2005

Good news: the LA Times is finally dropping wacko leftist Robert Scheer from its editorial page, and picking up none other than Jonah Goldberg.

Bad News: they’re also dropping David Gelernter.

Music Midtown Cellphone Photo Update

June 12, 2005

From Saturday night, John Fogerty, who can still hit every single note in the old Creedence songs:


… and Tom Petty, who unfortunately played a half hour less than the set was billed at. Still, great performance from TP and the Heartbreakers, even though it rained pretty much the whole time:


Tonight it’s a bunch of acts that fall under “I’d wouldn’t mind seeing them, but I’d never buy a ticket for any of them by themselves,” so we’re waiting the weather out a bit before deciding whether to go or not.