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Not So Fast…

September 16, 2008

I have to disagree with Steve here. Catherine McNicol Stock is obviously an academic airhead who’s been educated well beyond her intelligence, but she just may have a valid point on this whole guilt-by-geography business. After all, Barack Obama lives not only in the same region and state, but actually right down the street from not one but two actual terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Of course, she might have even more of a point if Obama actually knew or associated with such people.

Oh, wait…


Super Bowl Recipe: Ryan’s Wing Sauce

February 5, 2006

When I was in college, there was a restraunt named Ryan’s Tavern in town (not to be confused with the el-cheapo Ryan’s steakhouse chain). They had an all-you-can-eat Wing Night on Wednesdays, and you usually had to wait at least 45 minutes to get a table. It was worth it; Ryan’s had an incredible wing sauce that would open up the sinuses of people in the next state. One night, just as my roomate and I sat down, a couple of rednecks the next table over got their first platter of wings, and one of them leaned over to inhale the aromatic steam.

“Aw hell,” he said. “This is liable to be rough.”

His buddy replied, “Yep. Good thing I put a roll of toilet paper in the freezer before we come out here.”

Anyway, the folks who owned Ryan’s eventually retired and sold the place off. I think it’s a Mexican joint now, but one of the guys who used to work in the kitchen posted the recipe for their wing sauce on an Auburn football board a while back. For your Super Bowl Party sinus-clearing and toilet-paper-freezing enjoyment, here it is:

The sauce for Ryan’s (and you can cut this down to a more managable portion) was:

2 gallons Durkee Red Hot sauce (now sold as Frank’s Red Hot)

1 lb margarine (don’t use butter)

2 cups sugar

black & white pepper to taste (we’d use a couple of tablespoons of each)

Make sure you simmer the sauce for at least 2 or 3 hours before putting the wings in it. We’d bake the chicken juice out of the wings, drain them, then fry them. After that, they’d go into the heated wing sauce. The longer they soaked, the better they were.

Our ‘death sauce’ included finely diced fresh jalapenos (don’t use the pickled ones) and red pepper flakes. It was also made a day in advance to let the ‘heat’ out of the jalapenos and pepper flakes.

Well, Shi’ite.

September 16, 2004

It’s Thursday evening, about 8 PM. I’m stuck in lovely (read: hellhole) Hampton, Virginia, after spending the day in a tiny room attending a meeting that would bore a John Kerry zombie. Meanwhile, back home in Atlanta, the power is out, and my wife and dog are dealing with a flooded basement thanks to our pal Ivan. My parents are also in the dark tonight, and I don’t just mean about what I did in college. I have no chance of getting out of here tonight; all flights into Atlanta are cancelled until at least tomorrow, and in the meantime, Ivan is doing his best to float my house down to Macon.

I think I’m going to go buy a bottle of anything and get loaded. Sitting around in airports is much more fun when you’re hung over…

Cable Companies Are Scum, Part MCMXLIV

August 26, 2004

Early this year, I switched from DSL to a cable modem. My local provider, Charter Cable, had cut its rates and better yet, dropped their requirement that internet users also have their cable TV service. Until this month, I had no complaints.

Then I get the bill for September. It’s $10 higher, no explaination. So I call Charter. Apparently they have suddenly re-instated a $10 extortion fee if you don’t have their TV serrvice (I switched to satellite in 1997, and I will never have cable TV again). Customer service agreed to drop the fee for the first month, but said they couldn’t do anything about the succeeding months. I explained that I switched from DSL to Charter specifically because Charter had dropped the additional fee, and that the next month I saw that fee on a bill, I would cut them off entirely.

I was transferred from there to the retention department, where the rep first tried to sell me on a 10-times slower speed service for the same rate I’ve been paying since January. I refused flat-out. She then said she would give me a $10 service credit every month for the next six months at my current service level. I agreed, but told her that “we’ll have another talk in six months.”

I will never pay an extortion fee to a cable company for not agreeing to a bundle with their crappy TV service (ditto for monopoly phone companies). If I can’t get the $10 waved again at the end of six months, I’ll tell Charter to go piss up a rope. This kind of arbitrary Mickey-Mouse fee nonsense is exactly why I haven’t had cable TV for nearly seven years, and reminds me of the fact that cable companies are peopled by the lowest forms of life.

I suspect this fee is going to go away anyway sometime next year, accompanied by considerable rate cuts. Once the wireless broadband network (scroll to third item) gets a foothold, the old monopoly cable and telco companies are going to be forced to cut their rates substantially. My guess would be that Charter’s double-game with the $10 extortion fee is their attempt to make a few extra bucks before they have to compete with wireless broadband.

Kerry and Kim in ’04!

March 5, 2004

I’m guessing the Kerry campaign isn’t going to be trumpeting this particular endorsement.

(Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt.)

Ted Rall, Crybaby

March 4, 2004

The blogosphere’s favorite talent-free cartoonist has apparently been dropped by Times Digital (third item). I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything else written about this, although I could just be looking in the wrong places.

Ralphie Rides Again

February 20, 2004

According to Fox News, Ralph Nutter is going to officially announce this weekend that he’ll run for President as an independent. I wonder how many disenchanted Dean Dongs will vote for him in November?

Oh, and that “HA-Ha!” sound you hear isn’t Nelson Muntz, it’s Karl Rove…

New Frontiers In Mediot Psychoanalysis

February 20, 2004

This may be the dumbest single thing I’ve read in months. A couple of excerpts:

And think of Jenna Bush, the blond twin, celebrating her 21st birthday by visiting the Cheers Shot Bar in Austin, Texas

I guess he thought the bus was too plebian

February 20, 2004


(Hat-tip to Jonah Goldberg at the Corner.)

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise…

February 19, 2004

Nuclear machinery found in Iran.

Yeah, I’m sure it was a deep and abiding respect for the International Atomic Energy Agency that caused the mullahs to let these guys in.

That, or the sight of the V Corps just on the other side of the border. Take your pick…